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Accomplish Strategic Learning Objectives

The Michigan Mission

The Michigan Department of Education’s Top 10 Strategic Education Plan is grounded in a foundation of equitable, empowering, whole-child education that benefits both learners and educators. To achieve the DOE’s mission, Michigan schools and districts are urged to: 

  • Close achievement gaps by making high-quality instruction accessible to all students, regardless of life circumstances.
  • Provide students with every opportunity to pursue the broadest possible range of life and career dreams.  
  • Encourage creativity, agency, and authentic student-educator collaboration in the classroom. 
  • Support educators in implementing creative and innovative programming.
  • Include families and communities in decisions impacting students’ education.

Based on decades of research—as well as the pressing needs of tomorrow—SmartLab Learning offers Michigan educators an engaging solution for developing our next generation of innovators.

smartlab learning in michigan

Align with Statewide Educational Goals

In addition to fulfilling statewide and national academic standards, SmartLab Learning supports Michigan’s objectives through future-facing, project-based learning engagements. Here’s how: 

  • Hands-on activities in the SmartLab make core math and science concepts tangible. | Learn More 
  • SmartLab learners practice goal-setting, time management, autonomy, and creative problem-solving in every engagement. | Learn More
  • Educators are supported with comprehensive training that leaves room for creativity and personalization. | Learn More 
  • SmartLab Learning goes beyond core academics to address whole-child, social-emotional development. | Learn More

SmartLab Learning in Michigan

See which Michigan schools and districts have implemented SmartLab Learning solutions. 

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Michelle Brydon

“My students are very hands-on in their learning. They are always touching something, so this is going to help in science where they will understand simple machines using the K’NEX. We’re past the generation where we’re just listening to a teacher. They are hands on. They need to build things and see things.”

Michelle Brydon
Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary Academy | Muskegon Heights, MI

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