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SmartLab Learning for Curriculum Directors

Our supplemental curriculum helps your students meet milestones.


Aligning Student and District Goals

Together, let’s accelerate your students’ learning.

Our student-led, supplementary curriculum helps learners connect the concepts taught in math and science classes to projects they’re excited to tackle.​ With SmartLab Learning:

  • Your school becomes a hub of collaboration with project-based learning at its core. ​
  • Your students are excited to complete projects that impact their world.​
  • From art projects, to traditional presentations, to video montages, your students have the confidence to express themselves in creative and innovative ways. ​
  • Through self-reflection, your learners connect to and authentically track their own learning processes. ​
  • Cross-curricular connections help educators make the most of their instructional minutes.

SmartLab Learning Hub

Our standards-aligned, supplemental math and science curriculum helps your students meet milestones. 

The SmartLab Learning Hub—our online platform—comes stocked with our standards-aligned, project-based curriculum. Students can document their learning and growth via their portfolio, while educators can monitor and assess their learners’ progress. 



Together, we can support every learner. 

SmartLab Learning can close gaps in core class content with our dynamic, engaging, standards-aligned supplemental curriculum. Students not only build foundational academic skills, but learn to become engaged citizens through collaborative, project-based learning. SmartLab Learning engagements help bring core math and science concepts to life when learners apply them to real-world problems.

Accelerate Learning

As learners engage in our hands-on, STEM-focused experiences, they learn to connect the dots between what they’re doing and the math and science concepts they’re learning in class.

Align with Standards

Our online SmartLab Learning Hub comes with a searchable standards alignment guide that helps educators collaborate on projects that support student achievement. Our math and science curriculum is aligned to CCSS math, NGSS, ISTE, and more.

Gather Authentic Assessments

SmartLab Learning’s rubrics are an assessment tool for students and teachers, and can be used throughout the SmartLab Learning process as a way for students to reflect, analyze, and improve upon their own learning experiences.

Prepare for the Future

From critical thinking, to problem solving, to all of those other essential “soft” skills, your students will enter their post-secondary experience prepared to solve tomorrow’s most complex challenges.​

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Hear From Our Happy Clients 

Rick Knotts

“When we got one, I said to myself, ‘Why doesn’t every school have a SmartLab HQ?’ Students consistently ask to stay in from recess so they can work on their SmartLab projects.” 

Rick Knotts
Science Department Chair, Prince of Peace Christian School | Private | Carrollton, TX
Susana Cardova

“SmartLab HQs level the playing field for all students!” 

Susana Cardova
Former Superintendent, Montebello Campus, Denver Public Schools | Denver, CO
Nicole Doran

“The skills that are developed in the SmartLab HQs create good citizens and good humans. It builds on foundational skills and creates the ideal attitudes you want to see in the classroom.”

Nicole Doran
SmartLab Facilitator, Hallinan Elementary School | Public | Lake Oswego, OR

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