Discovery and Exploration

Engage students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math through student-led, project-based learning.

what is smartlab hq?

A comprehensive learning program that supports your students’ math and science objectives.

Each SmartLab HQ program includes:

Process That Empowers Learners

Our SmartLab Learning Process empowers learners to solve problems and make decisions—both in and beyond school.

Integrated Learning Environment

A fully integrated learning environment where everything—from the furniture, to technology, to learning kits—works together to support students during their hands-on, minds-on learning journey.

Online SmartLab LearningHub

The SmartLab LearningHub couples our standards-aligned, project-based learning curriculum with an easy-to-use online platform. Here, students can document their learning and growth, and educators can track students’ progress.

Ongoing Professional Development

Our team provides your team with rigorous, ongoing professional development, where educators learn the art of facilitation to become guides on the side.

Learning comes alive as we engage your K–12 students in hands-on, minds-on projects.

SmartLab HQ for

Elementary School

SmartLab HQ for

Middle School

SmartLab HQ for

High School

The Smartlab HQ Advantage

How can a SmartLab HQ program help your school?

In addition to reinforcing science and math concepts, SmartLab HQ is a place where personalized learning engages students of all ages, interests, and abilities.

Accelerate Learning

As students engage in our hands-on, STEM-focused experiences they learn to connect the dots between what they are doing and the core math and science concepts they’re learning in class.

  • The cutting-edge technology in a SmartLab HQ helps learners apply complex concepts to real-world activities
  • With hands-on learning engagements, your learners are engaged and excited to complete projects that impact their world
  • Through self-reflection, your learners connect to and authentically track their own learning processes
  • Students share their learning with their peers as they demonstrate a deeper, more authentic understanding of core concepts

Next-Gen Skills

SmartLab Learning makes space for student voice and choice while helping them grow into engaged adulthood. Students establish goals, creatively solve problems, complete projects on time, and share their accomplishments with their community.​

  • Students will enter their post-secondary experience prepared to solve complex future challenges.​
  • As critical thinkers, your students will be able to look at information with a discerning eye.​
  • Learners start with the end goal in mind, then break complex projects into bite-sized chunks while they work toward their objective.​
  • While working in pairs, students learn to break down silos, communicate, and gain a deeper cultural understanding.

Engage All Learners

With SmartLab Learning, engaging students is a key component of our educational design. We evaluate each piece of technology to ensure it inspires curiosity and leaves maximum room for student engagement.

  • Create open-ended engagements that allow students to apply core math and science concepts to projects that they care about.
  • Surround learners with leading-edge technologies, learning resources, and the ability to direct their own learning.
  • Encourage students to explore questions connected to their own interests and abilities.
  • Give students the responsibility to lead their own learning while being supported by a trained facilitator.

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Tom Delgado

“It’s like a gymnasium for critical thinking.”

Tom Delgado
Principal, Prairie View Middle School | Public | Henderson, CO
Victoria J

“The SmartLab HQ has helped me become more comfortable in my other classes by letting me know that it’s ok to make mistakes and I will eventually get it just like I do in the SmartLab.”

Victoria J
4th Grade, Saint Junipero Serra Catholic School | Private | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Mark Twarogowski

“The SmartLab HQs (elementary/6th and middle school) are a perfect fit for Denver Academy. Our mission is to serve diverse learners by providing a student-centered, differentiated, and transformative education. In keeping with DA’s mission, this solution provides us the ability to individualize SmartLab Learning for each student to support them in areas in which they struggle and provide challenges in areas where they excel. This program is hands-on learning that prepares students to succeed in science, technology, and engineering.”

Mark Twarogowski
Head of School, Denver Academy | Private | Denver, CO

Ready to start planning your own SmartLab?

We’re excited to hear from you. Let’s change the way your students engage with math and science–in and outside the classroom.