Project-Based Learning

Students in effective project-based learning programs become proactive learners. 

SmartLab puts students in the driver’s seat. Students who take initiative in their learning will enter college and the workforce with the ability to self-manage and build skills as they go. SmartLab supports students by providing rigorous experiential learning opportunities designed to help them become critical thinkers who tackle complex problems.

Maplewood Students

Skills for the 21st Century

SmartLab engages students in hands-on, minds-on learning that encourages students to think critically about complex questions and issues. Because learners apply core academic concepts to address real-world problems, engagement and success often improve in other classes at the same time.

Young learners spend a day to a week on projects, where high school students may spend an entire semester working on complex problems. All the while, students gain time and project-management skills they can apply throughout their lives.

How it works

As students work through projects using the SmartLab Learning Process, they’re guided through self-directed projects on the SmartLab LearningHub platform.

Student-Led Project-Based Learning:

Connects Students to the
Real World

Challenges Students to Solve Complex Problems

Encourages Students to Communicate & Collaborate

Students participate in authentic conversations with peers and teachers to address real world problems using—and extending—core math and science skills.

Engages Students in
Authentic Critical Thinking

Helps Students Learn to Self-
Manage Time and Projects

Guides Self-Reflection & Promotes Growth Mindset

Students set, follow through, and reflect on their approaches and progress toward SMART goals and then learn to iterate, test, and revise their thinking during the reflection process.

Varak K

“All the coding activities we did in the SmartLab HQ helped me in my math class. I like that there are different levels to choose from—I worked my way up to the intermediate level!”

Varak K, 3rd Grade, Saint Junipero Serra Catholic School | Private | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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