why smartlab learning?

Supports STEM initiatives

With SmartLab Learning, students discover abilities and interests they never knew they had.

Igniting Career Curiosity

Effective STEM education programs prepare students for the careers they want.

Successful STEM classrooms (science, technology, engineering, and math) are much more than a few kits or “stuff” in a room. With SmartLab Learning’s robust programs—complete with standards-aligned math and science supplemental curriculum, professional development, technology, environmental design, and experiential learning opportunities—students become independent thinkers who can gather information to evaluate, question, and interpret.


Who It Helps

SmartLab Learning’s student-led STEM programs allow: 

Students who are not naturally proficient in math or science to excel.

Students with different learning styles find a path to experience learning naturally.

Educators support students as they explore career pathways.

Educators feel revitalized and have a renewed love for teaching.

Administrators are celebrated for innovative programming that sets their schools apart.

How it works

With SmartLab Learning’s robust experiential learning opportunities, students explore new skills, tools, and math and science concepts every day. Our experiences: 

Challenges to Grow With

Scaffold from K–12 with increasing levels of challenge and self-direction.

Age Appropriate

Use age-appropriate tools and learning kits so students learn to use the right tool for the right task.

Encouragement Within Abilities

Encourage students to select an appropriate level of challenge and take their projects as far as they’re able.

Collaboration is Key

Are structured for partner learning, which ensures that quality collaboration is as important as the final work product, and therefore becomes part of the regular assessment process.

Student Portfolios

Help students demonstrate their mastery of learning through portfolios and presentations.

Brian Ewert

“SmartLabs have absolutely brought both girls and people of color into the STEM fields at our high schools.”

Brian Ewert, Superintendent, Littleton Public Schools | Littleton, CO

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