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Welcome—your site visit starts here. 

We’re happy to give you a firsthand look at SmartLab Learning.  

As part of your discovery process, our team offers guided site visits to SmartLab schools around the country. This helps you see what SmartLab Learning might look like in your school. 

How it works

Ask questions, explore, and visualize the possibilities.

Step 1: Make Appointment

Once you connect with a SmartLab Learning representative, they will reach out to a SmartLab school in your area. If this school is able to welcome visitors, your representative will coordinate a date and time that works for everyone.

Step 2: Tour the Space

You, your SmartLab Learning representative, and your host (this may be a SmartLab Facilitator or a school administrator) will tour the working space, where you’ll get to see students immersed in hands-on projects.

Step 3: Talk to Learners

Here, you’ll talk to students and ask them to show you what they’re working on (this is where the magic happens!). You’ll also learn a little about the facilitator’s process and hear how SmartLab Learning has changed their classroom and school.

Step 4: Follow Up

You will be provided with your host’s contact information, in case you have any follow-up questions that a current SmartLab Facilitator can answer best.

Step 5: Start Planning

Following this site visit, your SmartLab Learning representative will schedule a visit to your school. This is so they can assess your future SmartLab space, learn more about your goals, and exchange ideas about the unlimited educational possibilities.

Brian Ewert

“Most school systems don’t have the skillset to build this from the ground up without a partner like SmartLab Learning.”

Brian Ewert
Colorado Superintendent of the Year | LIttleton Public Schools | Littleton, CO
Dennis Gable

“Students who typically struggle suddenly become engaged. Mid-level students start pursuing more challenging work. And our high achievers? They soar!”

Dennis Gable
Educator, Elkhart Central High School | Public | Elkhart, IN
Nickie Doran

“Students are consistently challenged, yet fully immersed in their learning experiences. Students gain collaboration skills as they fail and succeed together, while also maintaining independence in their learning endeavors.”

Nickie Doran
K–5th STEM and Innovation Facilitator, Hallinan Elementary School | Public | Lake Oswego, OR

Better together.

Educators inspire the extraordinary in their students. The SmartLab Learning team wouldn’t be able to deliver tried-and-true results without our invaluable academic partners.