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Effective social-emotional learning can significantly improve a child’s educational experience.

Effective social and emotional learning programs can significantly improve a child’s educational experience. When SEL is integrated into a school’s infrastructure, it can positively impact student achievement, skills, and attitudes. Whether your goal is to prepare students to collaborate with peers, solve problems, persevere through challenges, set goals—or all of the above—our learning programs support your educators in doing just that.

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Who it helps

Nearly every educator working today has seen students who find it difficult to work with a partner, to compromise, or who don’t believe they can accomplish the work their peers can.

Learn Collaboration

Help learners recognize and manage their emotions through SEL-focused mini-lessons or small-group coaching.

Struggle Productively

Coach students to set goals, reflect on their progress, and struggle productively.

Solve Problems

Use our Student Learning Process to help students make difficult decisions, solve problems, and manage complex tasks.

Celebrate Whole Child

Create a safe space that supports a learner’s identity and intersectionalities.

how it works

Our suite of programs supports your SEL initiatives.

Access for Every Student

Provides entry points for all students, regardless of learning style, ability, or interest.

Support Individual Learners

Uses a variety of effective teaching practices to support students of different backgrounds.

Build Peer-to-Peer Relationships

Builds peer-to-peer and community relationships to increase awareness and appreciation of diverse communities.

Choose Relevant Learning

Encourages students to apply core concepts to a variety of situations and contexts that are relevant to them.

Tammy Partlow

“They forget that they belong to any sort of group and all of a sudden, they help one another.”

Tammy Partlow, Facilitator, Rawlins Middle School | Public | Rawlins, WY

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