why smartlab learning?

Keep all students engaged authentically.

Involving students in their own educational process promotes meaningful learning.

Creating authentic Connections to learning

Engaged learners are more focused and build stronger critical-thinking skills.

By improving student engagement, administrators see a marked shift in classroom performance. With SmartLab Learning’s student-led approach, students follow their passions, address issues close to them, and embrace their curiosity. This leads to engaged students who don’t want to leave the classroom.


who it helps

When students are engaged, they perform better in school.

Younger students learn to follow their personal interests and identify how they relate to core math and science content.

Older students naturally follow their curiosity as they apply multiple core math and science concepts to projects they care about.

Educators learn to relinquish their role as holders of knowledge and transition to guides on the side.

Administrators can rely on research that proves engaged students have better attendance and higher graduation rates.

How SmartLab Learning Works

Engaging students is a key component of our educational design. 

Write Open-Ended Engagements

Designing open-ended engagements that allow students to apply core math and science concepts to projects that they care about.

Use State-of-the-Art Technology

Surrounding learners with leading-edge technologies, learning resources, and the ability to direct their own learning. 

Encourage Individual Exploration

Encouraging students to explore questions connected to their own interests and abilities.

Train Supportive Facilitators

Giving students the responsibility to lead their own learning while being supported by a trained facilitator. 

Kurt Siebold

“Students are hands-on involved from the moment they walk in the door to the time they leave the classroom.”

Kurt Siebold, Principal, Slavens K-8 School | Public | Denver, CO

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