A Comprehensive Turnkey Solution

5 key components engage students
and accelerate learning.

SmartLabs are turnkey PBL-centered STEM learning environments and curricula built to keep your program relevant and sustainable for generations of students.

Every SmartLab design complies with ADA guidelines, facilitates purposeful collaboration and movement, and provides ample space for equipment and storage.

SmartLab experts research and curate the best equipment and software to lead students from learning fundamental skills to using professional tier tools.

LearningHub’s 500+ projects make up the standards-aligned, fully articulated K-12 STEM curriculum that guides students through self-directed project-based learning.

SmartLab teacher-facilitators receive 50+ hours of online and in-person professional development along with instructional coaching and support throughout the school year.

Ongoing technical and curriculum support, annual credit for upgrades and replacement parts, and an assigned success manager sustain your PBL + STEM program into the future.

Hear from our happy clients.

Bryan Frazier

“SmartLab Learning’s turnkey solutions allowed us to move quickly to implement a district-wide STEM program…the SmartLab Learning solutions plus the professional development allowed our students to be actively engaged in project-based learning immediately.”

Bryan Frazier
Superintendent, Claremore Public Schools | Public | Claremore, OK
Dr. Deirdre Pilch

“We are able to work with our students to get them career and college ready, and we do that K-12. SmartLabs help by getting students’ hands on projects and activities, getting them working with partners in the classroom, and getting them building something they would’ve never have imagined they could build…it’s actually shown our community what our students are capable of.”

Dr. Deirdre Pilch
Superintendent, Greeley-Evans School District 6 | Public | Greeley, CO
Travis Brantingham

“By moving beyond textbooks and theory, investing in SmartLab HQs technology gives students a chance to succeed in an ever-changing, fast-moving environment while fostering essential skills such as communication, flexibility, creativity, and collaboration. We’re equipping students with the tools, resources, and confidence to adapt to new technologies and ideas that push the world forward.”

Travis Brantingham
Head of School, The Principia School | Private | St. Louis, MO
Mark Weerts

“In our SmartLab, students become empowered and engaged as they use critical thinking, curiosity, and collaboration to apply content standards. I have yet to meet a student who doesn’t love this class or
benefit from this connected approach to learning.”

Mark Weerts
Principal, Phoenix Middle School | Public | East Troy, WI

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