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Keep your students engaged with hands-on, minds-on activities that reinforce math and science concepts.

what is smartlab learning?

Ignite your students’ love of learning with our comprehensive solutions.

With our unique student-led approach to project-based learning, every SmartLab Learning solution becomes a hub of excitement.

Our learning solutions have four essential components:

SmartLab Learning Process

The SmartLab Learning Process empowers learners with a repeatable process they can use to solve problems or make decisions.

Environments & Experiences

Our environments and experiences —including furniture, learning kits, hardware, and software—are designed for maximum student engagement while supplementing math and science concepts.

Digital Curriculum

Our standards-aligned supplemental curriculum housed in LearningHub helps learners make concrete connections to complex math and science concepts.

Professional Development

With rigorous long-term professional development, educators are equipped to create transformative experiences for their students.


Who are SmartLab Learning programs for?

Spark curiosity, accelerate your students’ learning, and achieve your school’s objectives.

Our comprehensive, research-based learning solutions keep learners engaged in hands-on, minds-on learning that helps them make connections between what they’re doing and what they’re learning in class. Plus, with our standards-aligned supplemental curriculum, we can help your students meet their math and science milestones.

SmartLab Learning programs are for:

School Administrators icon clipboard graphs

District Administrators

With our engaging experiences and innovative, standards-aligned, supplemental math and science curriculum, a SmartLab solution can help accelerate learning while keeping students excited to come to school.

School Administrators

Our personalized learning approach ensures that every student—regardless of interest or ability—can succeed. Plus, our engaging hands-on, minds-on experiences help learners make concrete connections to math and science.

Curriculum Directors

We can supplement your math and science curriculum while helping students connect core concepts to hands-on projects.

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Students & Parents

Your children’s curiosity, fulfillment, and success are at the core of what we do. Let’s work together to prepare your children for tomorrow.

Public Schools

Empower all K–12 learners with our innovative, accessible SmartLab Learning programs. We can help you meet math and science standards while preparing every student for engaged adulthood.  

Private Schools

Stand out by integrating our engaging, project-based SmartLab Learning programs seamlessly into your school. What happens in your classroom will not only engage your learners, but impress their parents too.


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How do our SmartLab programs compare?

SmartLab Learning Programs

Engage your learners with experiential, personalized, and collaborative learning​

Our flagship learning program with fully stocked environments for K–12.

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Robust video production and broadcasting systems that rival the pros.

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Find Your SmartLab Learning Program

Our flagship learning program is a customized space that’s stocked with everything you need: from the furniture and technology, to standards-aligned curriculum and training. We transform any space in your school into a hands-on, minds-on discovery hub. SmartLab HQ provides students K–12 with a breadth and depth of STEM experiences, supports core math and science learning, and builds strong foundational skills for life beyond school.

SmartLab HQ for

Elementary School

SmartLab HQ for

Middle School

SmartLab HQ for

High School

SmartLab Studio brings video broadcasting technology into any school, and provides the tools and equipment for students who want to enter a career in media. Designed for students in grades 6–12, the Studio program boosts students’ writing, communication, creativity, and organizational skills while connecting your school to the wider community. Each SmartLab Studio is custom-designed to fit your space.  

SmartLab Studio:


Dennis Gable

“Students who typically struggle suddenly become engaged. Mid-level students start pursuing more challenging work. And our high achievers? They soar!”

Dennis Gable, Educator, Elkhart Central High School | Public | Elkhart, IN

Whether you want to start small or go big, we’re here to help.

Mix and match our student-led, STEM-focused solutions or learn how you can enhance them with additional layers of learning. You can start small with just one of our SmartLab Learning solutions or fill your school with our all of our solutions–we offer a variety of customizations.


Ready to start planning your own SmartLab?

We’re excited to hear from you. Let’s change the way your students engage with math and science—in and outside the classroom.