Customized Solutions

Whether you want to start small with one of our SmartLab Learning solutions—or fill your school with all of our solutions—we’re here to help.

Customized Learning Solutions

What are customized smartlab solutions?

Every school is different.

We’re here to provide you with solutions that will help you achieve your educational goals. In addition to combining our robust solutions, we can augment your SmartLab HQ by adding different grade layers to your space so you can engage all of your learners in SmartLab Learning.

How can SmartLab help your school?

We believe that engaged and empowered learners thrive with experiential, personalized, and collaborative learning.

CNC Milling Collection

With the CNC Milling Collection, students learn industry-standard computer-aided design (CAD) techniques and software. Through this collection, learners:

  • Follow the process of taking an idea, refining it through iteration, and improving it based on criteria related to quality, feasibility, and cost.
  • Visualize how something can be made using a variety of approaches.
  • Consider multiple perspectives to formulate a plan for accomplishing a task or producing a desired result.

Laser Engraver Collection

Creating with the Laser Engraver provides similar cognitive challenges and benefits to the CNC Collection, but emphasizes the efficient use of resources. Students will:

  • Plan and lay out projects using limited materials.
  • Learn how to break down 3D objects or ideas into flat components that can be assembled using different techniques.
  • Explore the concept of value (lightness and darkness) as they engrave photos and graphics onto their projects.

Pneumatics Collection

With the Pneumatics Collection, students gain a deeper understanding of the differences between electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic circuitry as they use air to build complicated circuits and engineer solutions to real-world problems. Students will:

  • Gain a concrete understanding of cause and effect.
  • Plan how different switches and cylinders will interact to produce the desired action.
  • Create advanced projects that incorporate electrical circuitry and other air-powered components.
  • Identify and develop closed-loop systems.

Padcaster Collection

The Padcaster Collection allows students to film, edit, and share live and produced video content from anywhere in or around their school. As they work together on each production, learners develop collaboration and communication skills. Possible projects can include:

  • School news and morning announcements
  • Book reviews and trailers
  • Teacher, administrator, staff, student, and guest spotlights
  • Highlight reels for school sporting events, plays, concerts, and competitions
  • How-to and instructional videos
  • Flipped learning

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Marcus Diamond

“In a SmartLab, learning happens the way it should in today’s world. I believe that it should be the center of all learning.”

Marcus Diamond
Educator, Weld Central High School | Public | Keenesburg, CO
Mrs. Pinegar

“We incorporate science, history, math, reading, and writing in the SmartLab HQ. The activities can be open ended allowing the students to come up with their own outcome, or they can be solved multiple ways allowing the students to learn from their classmates.”

Mrs. Pinegar
TK–4 Teacher, Saint Junipero Serra Catholic School | Private | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Dr. Velma Villegas

“Of all the investments we make in educational technology, the SmartLab has been the most effective in actually putting technology in the hands of our students.” 

Dr. Velma Villegas
Superintendent, Southwest Independent School District | Public | San Antonio, TX

How to Empower Students to Provide Evidence of Real Learning

Designing authentic measures of learning is an essential part of any effective teaching practice. Authentic assessments can provide more meaningful educational experiences that result in lasting learning. This white paper discusses:

  • What role does assessment play in learning?
  • What does authentic learning and assessment look like?
  • How can students provide meaningful evidence of their learning?

Ready to start planning your SmartLab?

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