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What Sets You Apart? 

Differentiate your school with our unparalleled learning programs.

SmartLab HQ, powered by LearningHub, is our fully equipped STEM learning environment with open-ended digital curriculum; your students will:

  • Enter their post-secondary experience with the ability to manage time, solve problems, and collaborate with others.
  • Make real-life connections between hands-on projects and the math and science concepts they’re learning in class.
  • Use critical thinking to solve problems they care about.
  • Gain the confidence to ask questions, find answers, and creatively develop effective solutions.

SmartLab Learning Hub

Let us help your students meet milestones. 

Additionally, LearningHub—our digital learning platform for the SmartLab environment— delivers curriculum, and simplifies and enriches SmartLab management, training, engagement, and assessment. 



Our unique programming adds value to your existing curricular offerings.

Students, families, and community members are thrilled to see the hands-on, minds-on learning that happens with SmartLab Learning.

Prepare for the Future

From critical thinking, to problem solving, to all of the essential “soft” skills in between, your students will enter their post-secondary experience prepared to solve tomorrow’s most complex challenges.​

Increase Diversity

Learners who are typically underrepresented in STEM find a place in our programs. Our open-ended engagements encourage students to select projects they’re passionate about.

Gather Authentic Assessment

SmartLab Learning’s rubrics are designed for students to give ongoing, authentic feedback on their learning experiences while educators can monitor and assess their learners’ progress. 

Prioritize Student Voice and Choice

With our supplementary, STEM-focused curriculum, students lead their learning as they choose projects that impact their world. Once complete, they make key connections between their process and what they’re learning. ​

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How to Develop Student College and Career Readiness

How can educators ensure that students are leaving high school with a mastery of academic content as well as essential college- and career-ready skills? This white paper aims to answer these questions:

  • What are college- and career-ready skills?
  • How do college- and career-ready skills relate to career and economic success for students?
  • How can you increase college- and career-readiness skills?

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Rick Knotts

“When we got one, I said to myself, ‘Why doesn’t every school have a SmartLab HQ?’ Students consistently ask to stay in from recess so they can work on their SmartLab projects.” 

Rick Knotts
Science Department Chair, Prince of Peace Christian School | Private | Carrollton, TX
Travis Brantingham

“By moving beyond textbooks and theory, investing in SmartLab HQs technology gives students a chance to succeed in an ever-changing, fast-moving environment while fostering essential skills such as communication, flexibility, creativity, and collaboration. We’re equipping students with the tools, resources, and confidence to adapt to new technologies and ideas that push the world forward.”

Travis Brantingham
Head of School, The Principia School | Private | St. Louis, MO
Dan Quesnel

“In its first year, the SmartLab HQ has become the focal point of student-driven inquiry on campus. I am constantly impressed by the level of discussion and problem solving I see among the teams of students as they explore their own interests and develop skills that will allow them to succeed in jobs that may not even exist yet.”

Dan Quesnel
Head of School, The Oakwood School | Private | Greenville, NC

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