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Imagine if learners had a dynamic digital platform to support student-led, project-based learning every step of the way. 

LearningHub is an easy-to-use platform with standards-aligned STEM project starters that support the skills students need to problem solve, think critically, and build deep learning in a personalized way.​ 

​SmartLab, powered by LearningHub, inspires today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders, change-makers, and engaged citizens.


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Standards-aligned supplemental curriculum keeps learners engaged.

SmartLab curriculum is located in LearningHub. SmartLab LearningHub lessons not only supplement core math and science curriculum, but keep learners engaged and empowered through experiential, personalized, collaborative learning.

LearningHub facilitates teacher planning and student learning with 500+ PBL-centered, standards-aligned STEM projects sequenced across a fully articulated K-12 curriculum. 

Educators can support personalized learning plans by identifying the SmartLab LearningHub projects in the LearningHub database that set their students up for success.

The LearningHub platform guides
student-directed learning.

smartlab Learninghub


Keeping learners engaged is the top priority in our unique approach to developing curriculum. Our educators identify, vet, and test age-appropriate tools that are sure to capture learners’ attention. Once this process is complete, we identify how each tool meets academic needs. We build SmartLab standards-aligned curriculum that keeps students engaged from there.

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Assessment Tools

To aid in authentic PBL + STEM assessment, the LearningHub curriculum comes with multiple built-in formative evaluations to help monitor learner growth. Each project starter culminates with a summative assessment. Learners self-assess and demonstrate their learning in a portfolio, while educators review their students’ self-assessments and identify evidence of learning. Facilitators are able to use quick LearningHub assessment tools to provide timely feedback and can also view overall student progress through the reporting features of the platform.

smartlab Learninghub

Personalization Tools

We believe that personalized learning is key to helping learners thrive. We design our curriculum so that every learner—regardless of learning preference, interest, or ability—has the voice and choice to determine which open-ended engagements they want to pursue. ​ To aid students in their learning journey, educators can identify project concepts that will support their students’ achievement. Regardless of a students’ reading level, writing level, or English language proficiency, LearningHub personalization and accommodation tools support all learners in receiving and expressing learning through tools like text-to-speech, translations, and audio or video submissions.

smartlab Learninghub

Professional Development

After installation, we provide facilitators with over
40 rigorous hours of personalized professional development. This blended training takes place in the LearningHub platform and on site in the SmartLab HQ. During these sessions, new facilitators will experience SmartLab Learning firsthand, gain a deep understanding of the SmartLab pedagogical approach, learn about the resources and technologies available to staff and students, hone their skills in the art of facilitation, and develop SmartLab orientation plans for students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we access your curriculum and standards alignment?

Our representatives can provide you with curriculum access.

Can you send us references we can call?

Our representatives can provide you with references to contact.

How much training do you provide?

After installing your SmartLab Learning solution, we provide your team with extensive, high-quality, research-based professional development. This way, you and your team are equipped to manage every aspect of your SmartLab.

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