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Public Schools

Engage and empower K–12 learners with our innovative, standards-aligned, supplemental math and science curriculum.


Preparing Students for Tomorrow

Meet academic goals while preparing students for engaged adulthood.

Whether reinvigorating your school’s culture, differentiating your school from others, embracing innovation, or increasing student achievement, SmartLab Learning’s suite of solutions can help you meet these goals. Our SmartLab Learning programs are designed to become an energetic hub of your school—a place where learners:

  • Make connections between core math and science concepts and hands-on learning
  • Gain essential life skills
  • Persevere without fear of failure
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Connect with their community
  • Learn to become entrepreneurs

SmartLab Learning Hub

SmartLab Learning can help you meet academic goals.

The SmartLab Learning Hub—our online platform—comes stocked with our standards-aligned, project-based curriculum. Students can document their learning and growth via their portfolio, while educators can monitor and assess their learners’ progress.



Spark curiosity and inspire every learner. 

No matter the school environment, students should feel empowered to take charge of their learning and achieve more than they thought was possible.

Accelerate Learning

As learners engage in our hands-on, STEM-focused experiences they learn to connect the dots between what they are doing and the core math and science concepts they’re learning in class.

Align with Standards

Our online SmartLab Learning Hub comes with a searchable standards alignment guide that helps educators collaborate on projects that support student achievement. Our math and science curriculum is aligned to CCSS math, NGSS, ISTE, and more. 

Increase Diversity

Learners who are typically underrepresented in STEM find a place in our programs. Our open-ended activities encourage students to select projects they’re passionate about, and engage with their communities in the process.

Promote Equity

Open-ended SmartLab engagements help close the achievement gap by encouraging students to apply their own experiences and background knowledge. With multiple entry points, students of all abilities can (and do) succeed.

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Case Study

Equal access to quality project-based learning for rural students

Project Based Learning

Roughly 20% of students in the United States live in rural school districts where access to STEM resources are harder to come by because of funding issues, technology gaps, lack of nearby resources, cultural challenges, and STEM
teacher shortages.

To support learners state-wide, the North Dakota Center for Distance Education developed a unique solution that provides learning opportunities that respond to students’.

Hear From Our Happy Clients 

Sarah Vannice

“The SmartLab provides students with the space and tools to come into their own thinking and develop a sense of who they are as learners—and what they are capable of accomplishing.”

Sarah Vannice
M.Ed, Innovation Facilitator, River Grove Elementary School | Public | Lake Oswego School District
Michael Hancock

“One of the most powerful words is equity. Not everyone starts in the same place, but the SmartLab HQ gives all of our students a level playing field and a fair shot at opportunity.”

Michael Hancock
Mayor of Denver, Speaking about Montebello High School | Denver, CO
Shannon Beauprez

“Students are excited to learn new things in the lab and that excitement is contagious.”

Shannon Beauprez
SmartLab Facilitator, Wiggins Elementary School | Public | Wiggins, CO

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