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SmartLab is developed by Creative Learning Systems.

Since 1987, Creative Learning Systems has pioneered converting traditional learning environments to project-based learning experiences. Today, CLS partners with the most innovative school leaders nationwide to implement learning solutions that increase a student’s capacity through engaged, active, and social problem-solving.

Our mission is to ensure that today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders, prepared and ready to solve the complex challenges in our ever-changing world. 

Research Based

Learners create meaning as they experience the world.

Rooted in constructivism, we create experiences where learners follow their innate curiosity to solve real-world problems that are relevant to them. By leveraging their curiosity, learners make deeper connections to core math and science concepts.


5 key components engage students and accelerate learning.

SmartLabs are turnkey PBL-centered STEM learning environments and curricula built to keep your program relevant and sustainable for generations of students.

Our impact across the USA.

We bring comprehensive, project based STEM learning to classrooms across the country.


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Meet Our Team

When you partner with Creative Learning Systems, you’re supported by educators and professionals who want you to succeed. Our mission-driven team is committed to you, to your learners, and to creating solutions where learning is different and highly impactful.

SmartLab Guiding Principles

Through our unique student-led, project-based approach, we keep students engaged and empowered throughout their learning journey. Every SmartLab learning solution is guided by these principles.


Keeping learners engaged in active learning is at the heart of every solution we develop.


Our goal is to empower learners so they have the confidence to meet difficult challenges today and tomorrow.


By providing learners with authentic experiences, we’re preparing them to face real-world challenges.


We support personalized learning plans so students can achieve their academic goals.


We intentionally design spaces and experiences to be collaborative so learners gain communication and critical thinking skills.

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