why smartlab learning?

Support whole-child education.

Every student needs to be engaged, challenged, and supported in a safe learning environment in order to thrive.

Approaching Learning Holistically

Students are more than their academic achievements. We strive to support their long-term success.

For more than 30 years, SmartLab Learning has embraced student-led, project-based learning that encourages students to choose and solve problems that connect to their community. Through this approach, learners develop critical-thinking and reasoning skills, creative problem-solving skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, and deeper connections to social issues that matter to them.


Who it helps

SmartLab Learning’s pedagogical approach engages, challenges, and supports the whole child model of education. We do this by:

Encouraging students to be a part of their community and solve problems that are close to them.

Helping students make real-world connections between math and science content and projects of their choosing.

Coaching learners to set goals, establish objectives, manage their time, and authentically demonstrate their learning.

Connecting the value of students’ education and core concepts to their lifelong success.

Providing challenging experiential learning opportunities where students choose goals based on their own interests.

Coaching educators to create a safe space where students confidently take risks in their learning journey.

how it works

We support students on their personal learning journey.

Leverage Personal Experiences

Designing scaffolded standards-aligned math and science curriculum for students to leverage their personal experiences and background knowledge to construct new meaning. 

Match Individual Learning Styles

Promoting learning communities that empower students to choose strategies and tools that match their learning styles and goals.  

Encourage Exploration

Providing space for students to identify and solve problems relevant to their interests, passions, and community needs. 

Promote Self-Reflection

Intentionally building open-ended experiences that prompt self-reflection. 

Talon C

“We’re reminded and understand that there are no wrong answers and no mistakes. It is a safe place to explore and learn.”

Talon C, 7th grade, Saint Junipero Serra Catholic School | Private | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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