Who We Help

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District Administrators

You’re a decision-maker who aims to propel all of your students to bright futures. With our innovative, standards-aligned, supplementary math and science curriculum, SmartLab Learning can help you prepare your students for future success.

School Administrators

You’re a school leader seeking to close the achievement gap through programming that makes a real difference. Driven by this need, SmartLab Learning provides student-centric programs that support all learners and educators alike. 

Curriculum Directors

You’re an education strategist working to spark curiosity while aligning with academic standards. We get it—find out how SmartLab Learning can supplement your math and science curriculum while helping students hit milestones.

Students & Parents

Your children’s curiosity, fulfillment, and success are at the core of what we do. Let’s work together to prepare your children for tomorrow. 

Public Schools

Empower all K–12 learners with our innovative, accessible SmartLab Learning programs. We can help you meet math and science standards while preparing every student for engaged adulthood.  

Private Schools

Stand out by integrating our engaging, project-based SmartLab Learning programs seamlessly into your school. What happens in your classroom will not only engage your learners, but impress their parents too.

Ready to start planning your SmartLab?

We’re excited to hear from you. Let’s change the way your students engage with math and science–in and outside the classroom.