Step 4

We Prepare Your Educators

Professional development is a core part of every SmartLab Learning solution.

Professional Development

After installation (or upon receiving your mobile solution), we’ll host rigorous professional development sessions with your team so they’re prepared for success. During these sessions, you’ll:

  • Experience SmartLab Learning firsthand
  • Gain a deep understanding of SmartLab Learning’s pedagogical approach
  • Learn about the resources and technologies available to you and your students
  • Hone your skills in the art of facilitation and becoming a guide on the side
  • Become comfortable with the new space and teaching style

Professional Development Options

Once your team has completed the initial professional development, you have a variety of onsite professional development options to help you integrate your SmartLab Learning solution into other existing academic programs. These professional development options include:

Staff Onboarding

Engage your entire staff in SmartLab Learning and learn how to leverage the SmartLab Learning program in their content areas.

Curriculum Alignment

Work with our Academic Services team to align our curriculum with your school’s goals.

Instructional Coaching

Learn to implement new facilitation strategies designed to help you develop your SmartLab Learning program even further.


Specialized Resources

In addition to these specialized services, we’ll support your SmartLab Facilitators with resources and ongoing professional development that includes:

  • An extensive library of technical and pedagogical resources
  • Annual SmartLab Learning conferences
  • Bi-monthly webinars throughout the school year
  • Asynchronous, online courses to hone their craft, increase their depth of knowledge, and advance your SmartLab Learning program

Ready to start planning your SmartLab?

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