Step 4

Train Your Educators

Initial Blended Training and Professional Development

After installation, we provide Facilitators with 40 rigorous hours of personalized Professional Development.

During these sessions, new facilitators will:

  • Experience SmartLab Learning firsthand
  • Gain a deep understanding of SmartLab Learning’s pedagogical approach
  • Learn about the resources and technologies available to staff and students
  • Hone their skills in the art of facilitation, becoming more effective “guides on the side”
  • Develop SmartLab orientation plans for students

Training and Professional Development

Onsite Training

Smartlab Learning Journal

SmartLab Technology Training

Personalized Instructional Coaching

Asynchronous Courses


Specialized Resources

SmartLab Facilitators receive ongoing access to support resources and training including:

  • An extensive library of technical and pedagogical resources
  • Asynchronous SmartLab Technology Training to improve integration
  • Online courses to hone craft, increase depth of knowledge, and advance your SmartLab Learning program.

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