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In addition to supporting learners with standards-aligned math and science curriculum, SmartLab Learning gives students the tools to make decisions, solve problems, and manage complex tasks. SmartLab Learning seamlessly integrates standards-aligned math and science curriculum, educator development, learning kits, and learning environments for students K–12. The result? Relevant, accessible, and inclusive STEM pathways that engage students in their own learning.


Benefits of SmartLab Learning

Engaged Students Make Core Connections to Science and Math

With SmartLab Learning’s student-led approach, learners choose projects they’re passionate about. Through self-reflection, learners connect what they’re doing to the math and science concepts they’re learning.

SmartLab Learning Prepares Students for Future Success

With SmartLab Learning, students learn to establish goals, creatively solve problems, complete projects on time, and share their accomplishments with their community—all essential skills for current and future success.

We Give Students Truly Personalized Experiences

With SmartLab Learning, personalized learning means: students choose a project they’re interested in; leverage their learning styles to experience it; and use self-reflection to construct new meaning based on their new experience and their background knowledge.

Alex, Grade 7

“I love STEM! I’ve never really been in a class like this—it’s just completely different from anything I’ve ever done.”

Alex, Grade 7, St. Mark’s Episcopal School | Private | Palm Beach, FL

smartlab Benefits

Why is SmartLab Learning better than other curricula?

Our SmartLab Learning programs are better than other supplemental, standards-aligned math and science curricula.


With access to our standards-aligned curriculum via the SmartLab Learning Hub, students use a self-guided model to challenge themselves while building on foundational math and science knowledge.


Engaged learners are intrinsically motivated. With SmartLab Learning, students get to explore their own interests at their own pace; as a result they stay on-task, use critical thinking, and achieve their personal and academic goals on a schedule that works for them.


With SmartLab Learning, learning paths and resources are individualized and relevance is paramount. Students are encouraged to shape their projects and explore ideas based on their personal interests and experiences.

Scope & Sequence

SmartLab Learning’s project-based learning curriculum includes a scope and sequence that provides students with a vibrant mix of STEM-focused experiences—from scientific analysis to mechanics to communication skills and beyond.


With customizable rubrics designed specifically for project-based learning, students demonstrate their learning and mastery of skills in their portfolios.

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Clint Allison

“The Elementary SmartLab HQs have been game-changers by allowing our district to fully integrate and align STEM programming for our K–12 students. The unique methods of engaging students in meaningful, inquiry-based learning experiences are quickly helping our learners develop a stronger STEM identity, and they now see themselves and their futures differently. They believe they can change the future!”

Clint Allison
Executive Director of Student Achievement, Fountain-Ft. Carson School District 8 | Public | Fountain, CO
Shannon Beauprez

“Students are excited to learn new things in the lab and that excitement is contagious.”

Shannon Beauprez
SmartLab Facilitator, Wiggins Elementary School | Public | Wiggins, CO
Todd Barringer

“They want to stay through their classes, during lunch, during recess, and yes … we actually have to ask our students to leave the school because it’s time to go home.”

Todd Barringer
Lower School Principal, Prince of Peace Christian School | Private | Carrollton, TX

What is SmartLab Learning? 

Engaging, inclusive STEM programming with real-world applications.

SmartLab Learning is a comprehensive, project-based learning system that opens up a world of possibility for all learners in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. SmartLab Learning is rooted in research and is designed to prepare all students for life beyond the classroom. 



STEM job growth

The percentage of STEM job growth in the U.S. since 1990.
Pew Research Center

2 in 3

Women not encouraged

Number of U.S. women who say they were not encouraged to pursue careers in STEM.
Emerson Global


Median annual salary

The median annual salary for STEM jobs in the U.S. is $86,980.
Bureau of Labor Statistics

Case Study

Ensuring access to project-oriented, technology-rich experiences

Samuels Elementary School implemented a SmartLab HQ to meet the needs of their incredibly diverse student body—and saw a spike in standardized test scores as a result. 

what makes smartlab learning better?

Our SmartLab Learning Solutions

All of our programs stand apart as comprehensive learning solutions that benefit the full academic spectrum by:

Supporting STEM initiatives

Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEM) play a critical role in every job, home, and aspect of advanced learning.

Developing essential life skills

Students learn invaluable skills like collaboration, delegation, and time- and project-management.

Supporting social-emotional learning

Collaboration is a key component of SmartLab Learning. Through this process, learners communicate, negotiate, collaborate, and gain a greater appreciation of one another.

Engaging students authentically

When students take ownership of their learning, it can contribute to developing hopeful, engaged, lifelong learners.

Reigniting educators’ passion

Through SmartLab Learning’s emphasis on student autonomy, educators re-ignite their love of teaching by letting students lead.

Supporting whole student programs

Students engaged in intellectual, emotional, physical, and social levels often experience improved academic performance and motivation.

Preparing students for college and career

Building next-generation skills like adaptability, self-direction, and communication prepares students for life after high school.

Supporting intervention efforts

Personalized, student-led learning sparks curious minds, leading to higher engagement in the classroom and broader horizons beyond.  

Providing personalized, project-based learning

Students tackle problems with real-world applications, which prepares them to develop tomorrow’s solutions.

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