Accelerated Learning

Personalized, project-based learning helps students make cross-curricular connections.

Student achievement begins with engagement. Recovering from pandemic-era learning loss may be the defining educational issue of our time, but educators have always looked for strategies to engage students in activities that result in enduring, authentic learning.

Studies show that effective PBL engages students in ways that make learning useful, interesting, and lasting.


Personalized Project-Based Learning Accelerates Student Achievement.

When students engage in hands-on PBL + STEM experiences, they apply core math and science concepts to complex, real-world situations. SmartLab is tailored to meet the needs of: 

Students who feel under-engaged.

Students who have experienced disruptions to their K-12 education.

Educators struggling to reach disinterested students.

Administrators seeking to improve overall school performance.

Why Does PBL Work?

Exploration Leads to Understanding.

Research validates the constructivist assumption that people learn more when they take time to ask questions and connect concepts rather than repeat memorized facts or formulas.

PBL Shifts Agency to Students.

When students have ownership of the means and products of their learning, amazing things happen.

PBL Deisolates Learning.

When learners apply core skills and concepts to real-world problems, learning is expansive instead of converging on a small number of predetermined outcomes.

Dan Quesnel

“In its first year, the SmartLab HQ has become the focal point of student-driven inquiry on campus. I am constantly impressed by the level of discussion and problem solving I see among the teams of students as they explore their own interests and develop skills that will allow them to succeed in jobs that may not even exist yet.”

Dan Quesnel, Head of School, The Oakwood School | Private | Greenville, NC

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