Creativity and Communication

Students dive into the dynamic world of video broadcasting while boosting their writing, communication, creativity, and organizational skills. 

What is a SmartLab Studio?

Capture your learners’ imaginations with a robust video production system that’s on par with the pros.

With professional-grade production equipment and an easy-to-operate system, students gain real-world technical skills while developing their communication, critical thinking, project planning, team building, and collaboration abilities.

the smartlab advantage

How can a SmartLab Studio help your school?

SmartLab Studios bring video broadcasting technology into any school. We provide students with top-notch equipment and capabilities used in the professional world.

Engage all learners.

Designed for all students, our SmartLab Studios provide students the opportunity to gain real-world skills as they use the Adobe video editing suite.

In a SmartLab Studio, students can:  

  • Develop commercials
  • Record video yearbooks
  • Film feature-length movies
  • Produce music albums
  • Broadcast school and community news
  • Record podcasts and vlogs
  • Edit footage with professional-grade software

Develop next-gen skills.

In a SmartLab Studio, learners are engaged in complete studio experiences like documenting live events, creating original video productions, and producing podcasts. Through this iterative process, students:

  • Learn how to break big problems into smaller, more modular steps.
  • Gain an understanding of sequencing through storyboarding and editing.
  • Develop leadership skills as they direct teams with diverse roles and talents.
  • Expand their project- and time-management skills as they work on large-scale projects.

A comprehensive solution.

As a comprehensive solution for students in grades 6–12, your SmartLab Studio can be installed almost anywhere in your school. Through our discovery process, we’ll identify your needs, plan your space, and install a ready-made or customized solution. In addition to our curriculum, every SmartLab Studio solution comes with:

  • Studio camera
  • Integrated teleprompter
  • Integrated confidence monitor
  • Floor lighting
  • Pop-up screen
  • Green screen technology
  • Microphones

Learning comes alive as we engage your students in hands-on, minds-on video and broadcasting projects.

Cutting-Edge Tools

The SmartLab Studio features professional-quality tools that instill confidence in both on- and off-camera talent. These tools can elevate any school’s video production experience while expanding the opportunities for learners to explore advanced technology.

Career-Ready Pathway

In the SmartLab Studio, students take on the roles of film and broadcast crews—including director, screenwriter, and sound and lighting technicians. This hands-on experience with real-world tools gives learners key technical skills that could help them segue into a broadcasting career.

Curriculum & SmartLab Studio

As students use studio equipment to produce live and pre-recorded content, they build essential storytelling skills through lighting, sound, and even editing. Through this process, learners begin to develop media literacy.

Studio Enhancements

Learners can take their creative initiatives even further with these program enhancements.

Camera Upgrades

  • Add complexity and perspective to films and interviews by incorporating additional cameras into the Studio.
  • Our mobile recording collection allows learners to record content outside of the Studio, then edit it into their in-studio footage.
  • Tally lights provide guidance and support to on-air talent by identifying which camera is recording.

Lighting Upgrades

  • Portray different moods by adding more lights to your Studio set.
  • If space is tight, select our flexible wall-mounted lights that free up floor space while giving you the freedom to direct light throughout the studio.

Control Room Upgrades

  • For a fuller Studio experience, install a separate control room that allows the production team to communicate with the director or on-air talent using a talkback system.

Hear from our happy clients:

Chip Rutledge

“The SmartLab Studio helped catapult our program from basic video production to a professional studio broadcast.”

Chip Rutledge
SmartLab Facilitator, Churchill County High School | Public | Fallon, NV
Tom Delgado

“It’s like a gymnasium for critical thinking.”

Tom Delgado
Principal, Prairie View Middle School | Public | Henderson, CO
Brian Ewert

“We want kids who can collaborate, who can communicate. These are the types of skills that SmartLab Learning requires of students.” 

Brian Ewert
Superintendent, Littleton Public Schools | Littleton, CO
Case Study

Going beyond STEM to teach essential skills

This magnet school had a strong existing STEM program, but used their SmartLab to help students learn crucial life skills like communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution through hands-on challenges.  

Ready to start planning your own Studio?

We’re excited to hear from you. Let’s change the way your students engage with math and science–in and outside the classroom.