Why smartlab learning?

Help students develop next-generation skills.

These skills enable today’s learners to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world.

developing LIfe skills

Students must gain critical life skills like leadership, flexibility, and taking initiative. 

While learning core math and science concepts, students must also develop essential skills to thrive in tomorrow’s world. SmartLab Learning’s suite of programs support core learning while helping students think critically, collaborate, communicate, and hone their creativity.


Who it helps

Learners gain independence and confidence

With SmartLab Learning’s student-led approach, learners have ample opportunities to gain cross-functional skills.

Learn Collaboration

Students work in pairs and learn to take the lead, negotiate, collaborate, and make decisions.

Gain Independence

Learners gain information literacy and independence as they seek information from three resources before turning to their teacher for answers.

Develop Perseverance

Students learn how to plan, execute, and finish projects within certain parameters.

Struggle Productively

Educators are taught to create a safe place where learners can explore, struggle, and try again.


With SmartLab Learning, we intentionally design programs that nurture next-gen skills.

Set and Accomplish Goals

Students define goals, identify problems they want to solve, and manage their time to accomplish their goals. 

Embrace Inquisitive Learning

Learners think critically, ask questions, find answers, and creatively develop effective solutions.

Work in Teams

Students work in pairs, where teamwork is as important as the project outcome. 

Gain Communication Skills

Students hone their communication skills by sharing their learning with their peers and teacher.

Share Insights and Connections

Students share insights and, through self-reflection, connect what they’re doing with what they’re learning and record it in their portfolio.

Nicole Doran

“The skills that are developed in the SmartLab HQs create good citizens and good humans. It builds on foundational skills and creates the ideal attitudes you want to see in the classroom.”

Nicole Doran, SmartLab Facilitator, Hallinan Elementary School | Public | Lake Oswego, OR

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