What Is SmartLab Learning?

Engaged and empowered students thrive through experiential, personalized, and collaborative learning.

Our Guiding Principles are at the core of every learning solution we develop. Each solution contains these four components:

SmartLab Learning Process

SmartLab Learning Environment & Experiences

SmartLab LearningHub Platform & Digital Curriculum

SmartLab Learning Professional Development

Component One

SmartLab Learning Process

The SmartLab Learning Process is an action-driven, repeatable process where students:


Explore a piece of technology without any preconceived notions, gather information, and learn how the technology works.


Plan a project, set SMART goals, determine the outcome, and identify the steps to reach it.


Do a project. Rigorous experiential, project-based learning opportunities help students become critical thinkers who can tackle complex problems.


Reflect on their progress. This iterative process encourages learners to document and reflect on their work throughout the project.


Share and celebrate their learning as they describe what did and didn’t work and transfer knowledge to their peers and teachers.


component two

SmartLab Learning Environment & Experiences

The SmartLab Learning environment and experiences are developed by educator consultants who intentionally:

  • Design learning spaces that facilitate experiential, personalized, and collaborative learning regardless of where the learning occurs.
  • Select furniture and design room arrangements that maximize student engagement and ensure that nothing impedes their learning.
  • Evaluate and seamlessly integrate technology that accelerates learning.
  • Provide technical consulting to evaluate potential software and information technology tools and select durable hardware products.

component three

SmartLab LearningHub Platform & Digital Curriculum

The SmartLab LearningHub is an online learning platform that:

  • Houses our standards-aligned supplemental curriculum (CCSS math, NGSS, ISTE).
  • Guides learners through our Student Learning Process.
  • Supports learners through an open-ended, project-based learning approach.
  • Enables learners to self-assess and demonstrate their learning in a portfolio that’s easily shared with teachers and peers.
  • Through the teacher interface, allows educators to curate standards-aligned projects that support learning.
  • Gives educators the opportunity to review their students’ self-assessments and identify evidence of learning.

component four

SmartLab Learning Professional Development

Our high-quality, research-based professional development provides ongoing support to ensure educators are:

  • Prepared to manage every aspect of the space (including technology and the Learning Hub).
  • Equipped to create a transformative experience for students, educators, and paraprofessionals.
  • Trained in the art of facilitation.
  • Able to probe for evidence of learning so they can improve student academic achievement.
  • Supported throughout the life of the program.

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