why smartlab learning?

Help prepare students for college and career.

Tomorrow’s world needs innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative problem-solvers. That’s where we come in.

Developing essential skills

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 65% of today’s school children will hold jobs that do not yet exist.

To effectively prepare for these unknowns, learners must have a balanced understanding of content and essential skills. With SmartLab Learning, students practice the 4Cs: they become collaborators, ask compelling questions, communicate their thoughts clearly, and creatively solve problems all while reinforcing core math and science concepts.


Who it Helps

College- and career-ready students aren’t the only outcome of SmartLab Learning

Younger students connect their personal interests to core math and science concepts. 

Older students apply core math and science concepts to innovative technologies while identifying career paths.

Educators are supported with a suite of resources that adapts to changing technologies and methodologies, so they can learn alongside their students. 

Tomorrow’s employers can hire workers who are adaptable, effective communicators, and have impressive critical-thinking skills. 

How it works

Employers often report that they’re looking for applicants who demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills. With SmartLab Learning, students develop next-generation workplace skills—both “hard” and “soft.” 

Problem Solving

With our SmartLab Learning Process learners approach projects as curious problem-solvers.

Expanded Toolset

Learners apply core math and science concepts to ever-evolving technologies, expanding their toolset to approach unfamiliar problems.


Learners develop SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-based) and are encouraged to explore, document, and evaluate their process as they work toward those goals.

Communications Skills

Daily journals and project presentations help students develop practical communications skills, both written and oral.


Every SmartLab Learning project is designed for students to work in pairs, fostering effective collaboration skills as they learn to value one another’s perspectives.

Marcus Diamond

“In our SmartLab, the students have become licensed drone pilots, are coding their own apps to solve equations, have developed websites for outside businesses, and gone to college for engineering in various fields.”

Marcus Diamond, SmartLab Facilitator, Weld Central High School, Weld County RE5 School District | Public | Keenesburg, CO

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