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Developing essential skills

In 2023, The World Economic Forum reported that 85% of businesses see new and frontier technologies as the trends most likely to drive transformation in their organizations.

Tomorrow’s world needs innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative problem-solvers. Learners who attend college and/or join the workforce with a balance of content and 21st century skills will have an advantage.

SmartLab students practice the 4Cs: they become collaborators, ask compelling questions, communicate their thoughts clearly, and creatively solve problems all while reinforcing core math and science concepts.


21st Century Skills Aren’t Only Technical.

Younger students connect their personal interests and use core math and science concepts to problem solve.

Older students collaborate to apply core math and science concepts to innovative technologies while identifying career paths.

SmartLab and SmartLab LearningHub provide a suite of resources that allows teachers to learn alongside their students as technology advances.

Tomorrow’s employers will seek out workers who are adaptable, effective communicators and critical thinkers. 

How it works

Employers often report a need for applicants who demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Here are a few ways SmartLab helps students SmartLab students develop next-generation workplace skills:

Problem Solving

The SmartLab Learning Process teaches learners to approach projects as curious problem-solvers.

Expanded Toolset

Learners apply core math and science concepts to ever-evolving technologies, expanding their toolset to approach unfamiliar problems.


Learners develop SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound) and explore, document, and evaluate their process as they work toward those goals.

Communication Skills

Daily journals and project presentations help students develop practical communication skills, both written and oral.


Every SmartLab project is designed for students to work in pairs, fostering effective collaboration skills as they learn to value others’ perspectives.

Brian Ewert

“Education isn’t about just filling your head with facts. It’s about taking knowledge and doing something novel with it. So once the students have that experience [in the SmartLab], they start to see that what they’re learning about is bigger than just a fact or concept. Learning is no longer a job; it becomes this adventure.”

Brian Ewert, Superintendent, Littleton Public Schools | Littleton, CO

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