SmartLab HQ for Middle Schools

Re-engage students in the classroom through hands-on, minds-on learning that helps build strong math and science skills.

program overview

SmartLab HQ puts pre-professional tools in your middle schoolers’ hands.

Designed to support math and science curriculum, a SmartLab HQ challenges middle school students to solve problems with real-world applications while emphasizing discovery, autonomy, and exploration.

Meet Your Academic Goals

With our research-based, student-led approach to project-based learning, students engage in authentic skill-building while connecting to the core math and science concepts they’re learning in class.

Enjoy a Comprehensive Solution

We can design a SmartLab HQ that fits your academic objectives, class, and room size. Use our readiness checklist to prepare your space, then let our installers fill your room with everything you need to keep your learners engaged in hands-on, minds-on learning.

Prepare Your Educators with PD

Educators receive high-quality, research-based professional development to help them manage every aspect of the SmartLab HQ. Plus, with long-term training, educators hone their facilitation skills to improve student academic achievement.


Curriculum & SmartLab Learning Hub

Our supplemental curriculum helps your students meet milestones.

The SmartLab Learning Hub—our online platform—comes stocked with our standards-aligned, project-based curriculum. Students can document their learning and growth via their portfolio, while educators can monitor and assess their learners’ progress. 

Talon C

“We’re reminded and understand that there are no wrong answers and no mistakes. It is a safe place to explore and learn.”

Talon C, 7th grade, Saint Junipero Serra Catholic School | Private | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Program Features

What do learners experience in a SmartLab HQ?

In a middle school SmartLab HQ, learners are re-engaged in classroom learning as they use pre-professional technology to solve problems that are relevant to them. Through our unique, project-based learning approach, students gain essential next-gen skills while reinforcing core math and science concepts through hands-on learning.


Students gain a deeper understanding of electricity through experiments. By learning about the physics behind circuitry they are able to design their own devices.

Computer Graphics

Students explore the intersection of math and art as they use pre-professional tools to design on a computer. This gives them a deeper understanding of depth, scale, and perspective.

Digital Communications

Students leverage digital communication platforms to give voice to their ideas and complex thoughts.

Mechanics and Structures

Through the process of designing, building, and testing machines, learners gain a deeper understanding of geometry and physics.

Robotics and Control Technology

Through the process of coding and building robots, students explore their creativity as they practice logical reasoning and computational thinking.

Scientific Data and Analysis

Learners observe the natural world using sensors and data while gaining a deeper understanding of earth sciences.

Software Engineering

Students build apps and computer games, strengthening their understanding of algorithms and flexing their problem-solving skills.


As students learn about renewable energy concepts, they gain an understanding of scientific methods and mathematical modeling.


Self-direction is an essential skill

How can educators prepare students, not only with content knowledge, but with the skills to be independent, lifelong learners? This white paper discusses: 

  • How do students learn?
  • What challenges do educators face today?
  • How can you support student-directed learning?


why smartlab Learning?

Our programs prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders.

In addition to helping learners turn complex math and science concepts into real-world activities, SmartLab Learning prepares students for future success. In a SmartLab, students learn to make decisions, solve problems, and manage complex tasks. We equip learners with our SmartLab Learning Process that can be used in life, college, and career. By pairing this framework with engaging STEAM-focused learning kits, students are able to experience learning in a safe and supportive space where they practice persevering without fear of failure.


Gain in student achievement

Gain in student achievement seen through a project-based approach to learning.
Lucas Education Research


Growth through 2029

Growth of software development now through 2029.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Eric Mineweaser

“The SmartLab HQs have given us a scope and sequence that has provided our students the opportunity to think and learn in a much different way. We consistently hear that students are eager to get back into the SmartLab because they can showcase learning outcomes that are much different than in the traditional classroom.”

Eric Mineweaser
Director of Curriculum, Warren County School District | Public | Russel, PA
Mark Twarogowski

“Our Elementary and Middle School SmartLab HQs are a perfect fit for Denver Academy. Our mission is to serve diverse learners, providing a student-centered, differentiated, and transformative education. In keeping with DA’s mission, this program provides us with the ability to individualize learning for each student, support them in areas in which they struggle, and provide challenges in areas where they excel.”

Mark Twarogowski
Head of School, Denver Academy | Private | Denver, CO
Dan Quesnel

“In its first year, the SmartLab HQ has become the focal point of student-driven inquiry on campus. I am constantly impressed by the level of discussion and problem solving I see among the teams of students as they explore their own interests and develop skills that will allow them to succeed in jobs that may not even exist yet.”

Dan Quesnel
Head of School, The Oakwood School | Private | Greenville, NC

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of room or space do we need for a SmartLab HQ?

Once we gather information on your existing space(s), our design team will help create a lab that works for your needs.

Is your curriculum standards-aligned?

Our curriculum is aligned to CCSS math, NGSS, ISTE, and more.

Where can I see an existing SmartLab Learning Solution?

Our representatives can help you find a SmartLab near you and plan a site visit.

Ready to start planning your own SmartLab?

We’re excited to hear from you. Let’s change the way your students engage with math and science–in and outside the classroom.