Our Guiding Principles

Engaging learners for 30 years.

For more than 30 years, we’ve pioneered converting traditional learning environments into engaging project-based learning experiences with a STEM focus.

Our learning programs are rooted in constructivist theory. Through our unique student-led, project-based approach, learners connect what they’re doing to the core concepts they’re learning in class. We believe that engaged and empowered students thrive through experiential, personalized, and collaborative learning.

To ensure that SmartLab Learning is different, we infuse our guiding principles into every solution we develop.


Engaged students are more focused in class, have fewer disciplinary issues, build stronger critical-thinking skills, and authentically connect to their learning.

We engage your students in hands-on, project-based learning experiences that support and reinforce academic content—specifically math and science.


Empowered students become empowered adults who are equipped with the next-gen skills required for post-secondary success.

We empower your students to own their learning and approach challenges with creativity. This helps them develop the confidence needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.


When learners use age-appropriate, pre- and professional tools in real-world settings, they’re more prepared for college and career.

Through experiential learning, your students connect real-world problem-solving to core academic content, which helps them make more informed decisions in the future.


By tailoring the instruction and experiences to the needs of individuals, learning loss can be mitigated.

We support personalized learning plans as teachers and facilitators collaborate on projects that support their students’ achievement. Learners have voice and choice to determine which open-ended engagements they want to pursue.


Collaborative learning helps students develop higher-level thinking, verbal communication, self-management, and leadership skills, which prepares them for post-secondary success.

We purposely build collaboration into our learning spaces. Through collaborative work, learners use critical thinking to make meaning of facts, develop communication skills as they present their learning, and creatively solve problems.

Change the way your students engage with math and science—in and outside the classroom.

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