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Capstone STEM Project Presentations at Cresthill Middle School

Written by SmartLab Learning

Doug Haller, our Facilitator Support Specialist, recently had the pleasure of attending capstone presentations at Cresthill Middle School in Highlands Ranch, CO.

SmartLab Facilitator Trina Chambers invited parents and our staff to observe and provide constructive feedback to students on their final projects. Students shared the results of a 2-week intensive study and enthusiastically answered questions that demonstrated their knowledge and experience in the SmartLab.

Doug was struck by the variety and depth of student projects. He was particularly impressed by the extent to which learners combined their knowledge and skills in multiple technologies and resources. By studying images from Google Earth, one team replicated landmasses in SimCity and examined the urban planning implications. Two other students compared and contrasted software engineering platforms AppInventor and Scratch while coding in each.

We relish every opportunity we get to see the great project work that takes place every day in SmartLab HQs across the country. Thanks, Cresthill for inviting us to participate in your capstone presentations!

Capstone STEM Project Presentations at Cresthill Middle School

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