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Wisconsin’s Educational Mission

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has a clear vision for STEM learning: that “all students use a collaborative, innovative, and logic-based transdisciplinary approach, rooted in content knowledge, skills, and experiences, to identify and solve contemporary problems.” 

This vision is founded on the notion that STEM is a holistic “transdiscipline,” helping young learners connect seemingly discrete concepts and academic subjects to real-world, relatable scenarios. This ability to make connections is precisely what SmartLab Learning aims to accomplish through hands-on, project-based learning for students of all ages and abilities.


Support STEM + STEAM Literacy

Per the goals of the Wisconsin DPI, all students in grades 4–12 should be actively developing “STEM literacy” through a cohesive, holistic, progressive curriculum. SmartLab Learning Solutions like the SmartLab HQ and SmartLab Studio help young learners become comfortable around technology and STEM concepts, identify new interests and abilities, and develop critical skills they can apply to their future careers.  

A SmartLab Learning Solution is a place where:

  • Learners authentically engage with core math and science concepts in a fun, project-based environment | Learn More 
  • Lessons facilitate social-emotional learning as students work together and practice effective communication | Learn More
  • Educators can reignite their passion for teaching, supported by comprehensive facilitator training | Learn More
  • Schools can fulfill their STEM/STEAM objectives while supporting teaching interventions and improving test scores| Learn More



Academic Achievement
in the Badger State

Set your learners up for success on standardized assessments. SmartLab Learning Solutions are in 70% or higher alignment with the following national and state-specific standards:

  • Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics | Learn More
  • Wisconsin Standards for Science | Learn More
  • Common Core Standards for Mathematics | Learn More
  • Next Generation Science Standards: Hands-on learning engagements bring core science concepts to three-dimensional life. | Learn More
  • International Society for Technology in Education Standards: Empowered with access to innovative tools—and the agency to explore their applications—students grow into their roles as digital citizens. | Learn More

SmartLab Learning in Wisconsin

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Mark Weerts

“The student experience in our SmartLab has positively transformed our school’s learning culture. Students become empowered and engaged as they apply content standards through the skills of critical thinking, curiosity, and collaboration.”

Mark Weerts
Principal, Prairie View Elementary School | Public | East Troy, WI

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