Why smartlab learning?

Reignite your love of teaching.

We offer strategies to reignite your love of teaching and share more “aha!” moments with your students.

Improving Teacher Retention

Increasing educator satisfaction directly correlates to student engagement.

With more than 44% of new teachers leaving the profession within their first 5 years, teacher retention is of utmost concern for administrators. Teachers who leverage SmartLab Learning’s facilitation and project-based learning techniques often find a renewed love and excitement for their profession. 


Who it helps

New educators often enter the classroom full of the possibilities; however, the reality of “teaching to the test” can be disheartening.

With SmartLab Learning, our student-led, project-based learning approach supports both the math and science standards and the students’ ability to experience the learning. The balance between the two leads to more student engagement.

And, as their engagement increases, educators are able to watch their learners have more “aha” moments.

How it works

Our professional development team coaches your team in the art of facilitation.

The teacher’s process of becoming a guide on the side enables students to lead their own learning, follow their passions, and explore areas of curiosity. Additionally, with SmartLab Learning, educators receive: 

Professional Development

Intensive, in-person professional development.

Instructional Coaching

A year of instructional coaching to hone their facilitation skills.

Collaborative Training

Additional training opportunities where they can collaborate and learn more skills to serve as a resource for their school.

Webinars and Trends

Just-in-time webinars and newsletters to keep up-to-date with trends in education.

Todd Dixon

“When I realized that my role was to encourage a student, instead of trying to get them to do an assignment, my perspective changed and transitioning to being a facilitator became the most fulfilling teaching I’ve done.”

Todd Dixon, SmartLab Facilitator, Inola High School | Public | Inola, OK

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