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The Ohio Mission

With a whole-child approach to education, Ohio’s Each Child, Our Future strategic plan is designed to help Ohio educators “challenge, prepare and empower” learners on their way to bright futures. But as any educator knows, post-secondary preparedness does not happen in an academic vacuum. 

Each Child, Our Future is built around Ohio’s Whole Child Framework, in which students’ academic, social-emotional, health, and safety needs are scaffolded by their school, district, family, and communities. The Ohio Department of Education encourages schools and districts to prioritize Career & Technical Education (CTE) programming that helps students meet and transcend academic standards—a goal that’s shared by SmartLab Learning.  

SmartLab Learning In Ohio

Align with Statewide Educational Goals

In support of Ohio’s strategic goals, each SmartLab solution provides a place where learners gain much more than content knowledge. Through project-based, standards-aligned learning engagements, SmartLab Learning connects theoretical concepts to learners’ real-world experiences beyond the classroom.

The SmartLab is a place where: 

  • Learners connect core math and science concepts to hands-on activities | Learn More 
  • Learners practice goal-setting, time management, autonomy, and creative problem-solving | Learn More
  • Educators can reignite their passion for teaching, supported by comprehensive facilitator training | Learn More
  • Schools align with state and federal education standards to improve testing performance | Learn More

SmartLab Learning in Ohio

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Marlana Mielke

“Our gifted students use the SmartLab HQ with their homeroom class as well as during their pullout gifted class. Their critical- and creative-thinking skills are challenged daily. The result? We’ve seen an increase in standardized testing scores and, overall, student behavior has improved.”

Marlana Mielke
SmartLab Facilitator and Gifted Intervention Specialist, Danbury Local Schools | Public | Danbury, OH

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