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New York’s Educational Mission

The New York State Education Department’s mission to “raise the knowledge, skill, and opportunity of all the people in New York” is fulfilled every day by hundreds of thousands of educators across the state. With over 2 million students enrolled in public schools alone, these educators need engaging, practical learning tools that will help them prepare their students for bright futures and fulfilling careers.

Per New York state standards, students finishing grades pre-K–12 are expected to be able to conduct specific performance tasks, or “investigations,” demonstrating proficiency in each core subject. SmartLab Learning’s project-based approach naturally aligns with this type of assessment, particularly when it comes to NY’s Science and Engineering Practices.

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Set Students Up
For Success

Countless bright futures begin in the classroom. Early exposure to science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics can open new career pathways for students and empower them to enter New York’s ever-growing STEM workforce.

Project-based SmartLab Learning engagements fulfill learners’ academic and social-emotional needs, bringing STEM and STEAM concepts to life in a way that’s meaningful to students of all ages and abilities.

A SmartLab Learning Solution is more than just a STEM lab. It’s a place where:

  • Learners connect core math and science concepts to hands-on activities | Learn More
  • Learners practice goal-setting, time management, autonomy, and creative problem-solving | Learn More
  • Educators can reignite their passion for teaching, supported by comprehensive facilitator training | Learn More
  • Schools fulfill their STEM/STEAM objectives while supporting teaching interventions and improving test scores| Learn More


Academic Achievement in
the Empire State

SmartLab Learning Solutions are in 70% or higher alignment with the following New York standards:

  • New York State Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards: Learners apply mathematical concepts to solve problems they can see and feel. | Learn More
  • New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards: Hands-on learning engagements bring core science concepts to three-dimensional life. | Learn More

These state-specific standards are founded on the Common Core and Next Generation national standards for education.

SmartLab Learning in New York

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Becky Dukes, Director of Federal and Accountability Programs, Allendale County Schools | Public | Fairfax, SC

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