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SmartLab Earns ISTE Seal for Engaging Project-based Learning and STEM Focused Curriculum & Platform

Written by Bill Laurienti

LONGMONT, CO, USA, June 28, 2023 Creative Learning Systems® is proud to announce that its SmartLab® STEM learning environment & curriculum have been awarded the prestigious ISTE Seal of Alignment. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has recognized SmartLab’s commitment to promoting high-quality learning experiences that empower students and prepare them for life and the careers of tomorrow.

The ISTE Seal serves as a mark of distinction for products that demonstrate a purposeful and meaningful dedication to practical usability, digital pedagogical implementation, and alignment with the ISTE Standards. While SmartLab has long been aligned with ISTE Standards, the ISTE Seal also signifies that SmartLab promotes critical technology skills, supports appropriate technology use in the classroom, and incorporates digital pedagogy and the learning sciences.

We are thrilled to receive the ISTE Seal, as it recognizes our continued commitment to providing learners with researched-backed, project-based learning experiences for STEM.

– CEO Ashley Mathis

SmartLab educators use the LearningHub platform to guide students as they tackle real-world challenges and foster critical thinking skills. Each project starter in the SmartLab curriculum provides students with a necessary problem, background information, assessment tools, and collaboration features. Additionally, educators benefit from curriculum planning resources that align projects with educational goals and enhance core math and science curricula.

The ISTE Seal Review Findings Report highlights the comprehensive evaluation process conducted by ISTE reviewers. The review methodology assessed SmartLab’s performance in addressing specific elements outlined in ISTE’s technical and pedagogical usability framework and Standards. The findings showcase SmartLab’s strong alignment and its effectiveness in promoting student empowerment, knowledge construction, computational thinking, and data analysis.

Key findings from the ISTE Seal Review include:

Knowledge Construction: SmartLab facilitates active exploration of real-world issues, problem-solving, and knowledge construction through data collection and analysis.

Empowered Learning: SmartLab enables students to seek feedback, demonstrate their learning, and develop fundamental concepts of technology operations.

Learning Design: SmartLab promotes design and customization of learning episodes, allowing for individualized instruction and easy navigation.

Digital Pedagogy: SmartLab supports the development of digital age learning skills, encourages open-ended challenges, and fosters collaboration opportunities.

Computational Thinking: SmartLab empowers students to collect and analyze data, facilitating problem-solving and decision-making.

Inclusivity: SmartLab embraces inclusivity through diverse examples, accessible tools, and support for different learning needs.

Assessment and Data: SmartLab employs formative assessments and comprehensive analytics to guide instructional decisions and support student learning journeys.

User Interface and Agency: SmartLab offers an intuitive and customizable interface, maximizing time on task and providing control over actions.

“We are thrilled to receive the ISTE Seal, as it recognizes our continued commitment to providing learners with researched-backed, project-based learning experiences for STEM,” said CEO Ashley Mathis. “ISTE has been a longtime partner of ours and their commitment to ensuring high-impact pedagogy that is designed for scalable, equitable learning experiences, is paramount to fostering student achievement. We are proud to continue our alignment with ISTE standards and our mission of preparing learners for the careers of tomorrow.”

The ISTE Seal of Alignment serves as a trusted guide for educators, students, and technology directors seeking the best educational products on the market. It signifies that SmartLab has undergone a rigorous evaluation process and meets the highest standards in learning sciences, user experience, interface, accessibility, and content quality.

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About Creative Learning Systems

Creative Learning Systems®, education pioneer and developer of SmartLab® Learning, has been transforming traditional learning environments into project-based learning experiences since 1987.

Innovative school leaders nationwide empower learners with SmartLab’s state-of-the-art STEM-focused solutions that include problem-solving; authentic, student-led experiences; standards-aligned supplemental curriculum; and rigorous professional development. 

Our mission is to ensure that today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders, prepared and ready to solve the complex challenges of our ever-changing world. 

Bill Laurienti

Bill Laurienti is a Content Marketing Specialist at Creative Learning Systems. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education (English) from Colorado Mesa University and a Master of Arts in Secondary Teaching from the University of California's Rossier School of Education. Bill came to CLS after 10 years in the secondary classroom. He believes SmartLabs are important tools for engaging unengaged students and helping them access careers they might not otherwise have imagined.

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