Learning is different here.

Through project-based learning that’s grounded in research, we inspire the next generation of leaders, change-makers, and engaged citizens. 

Discover SmartLab Learning Solutions

Imagine learners who are so engaged that they don’t want to leave class. Pair that with supplemental math and science curriculum that accelerates their learning, and you’ve got the perfect formula to meet your educational objectives.


SmartLab HQ

Our flagship learning program with fully stocked environments for K–12.


SmartLab Studio

Robust video production and broadcasting systems that rival the pros.


SmartLab Rover

Fully stocked mobile cart programs that dive deep into one focused content area.


SmartLab On-the-Go

Keep remote learners engaged with backpacks filled with PBL kits.


Engage students with a whole classroom STEAM lab program.

Offering academic, SEL, and whole-child support, our unique project-based model keeps students engaged in hands-on, experiential learning that’s grounded in research.

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Spark creative storytelling in a broadcast studio.

Boost your students’ writing, leadership, and project management skills while they interact with the broader community and discover career pathways.

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In-depth, single-topic learning comes straight to the classroom.

Through hands-on, collaborative learning experiences, learners gain a deep understanding of specific technologies and concepts while building perseverance and project- and time-management skills.

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Keep remote learners highly engaged.

These ready-to-use backpacks are stocked with engaging, project-based learning kits and supplemental reading materials. Learners explore topics in depth, make vocabulary connections, and implement ELA concepts.

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Who is SmartLab Learning for?

We accelerate your students’ learning while preparing them to face our ever-evolving world. That’s our promise to educators, administrators, parents, and students. 

Public Schools

For public elementary, middle, and high schools that want to inspire all learners through innovative, accessible programming. 

Private Schools

For private schools looking to stand out by integrating engaging, project-based learning programs seamlessly into their unique offerings.

School Administrators icon clipboard graphs

District Administrators

For the district decision-makers who aim to propel all students to bright futures. 

School Administrators

For school leaders who seek to engage their learners with student-led, supplemental math and science curriculum.

Curriculum Directors

For education strategists who work to spark curiosity and possibility through research-based, standards-aligned, future-forward programming.

Students & Parents

For learners who crave exciting, hands-on experiences, regardless of grade, ability, or interest.  

Our research-based solutions support educators and keep learners engaged.

We work with your school to integrate our research-based learning seamlessly into your classroom, while opening up new worlds for students and educators alike.

We are an education innovator.

Our SmartLab Learning Process prepares learners to solve complex problems, make hard decisions, and be equipped to face the world and its evolving complexities.

We are more than tech stuff in a room.

We turn classrooms into rooms of possibility. Learning becomes discovering, and STEAM skills become life skills as students engage with core academic concepts.

We accelerate learning.

Paired with hands-on experiences, our standards-aligned, supplemental math and science curriculum helps learners make deep connections to core content.

We’re your long-term partner.

With comprehensive, long-term professional development, we set your team up for success so your SmartLab Learning solution remains vibrant for years.

What makes SmartLab Learning better?

We engage every learner.

Engaged students make more meaningful connections with academic concepts.

We empower learners.

When your students own their learning and approach challenges with creativity, they walk into their future with confidence.

We infuse experiences into all learning. 

When learners solve-real world problems with age-appropriate, pre- and professional tools, they’re prepared for college and career success.

We meet every learner where they are.

Our searchable database of experiences ensures that learners are set up to reach their goals..

We design solutions that encourage collaboration.

Collaborative learners gain essential communication and critical thinking skills as they creatively solve problems and gain deeper cultural insights.


Hear from our happy clients.

Michael Hancock

“One of the most powerful words is equity. Not everyone starts in the same place, but the SmartLab HQ gives all of our students a level playing field and a fair shot at opportunity.”

Michael Hancock
Mayor of Denver, Speaking about Montebello High School | Denver, CO
Dr. Tracy Bonday

“The SmartLab HQ is helping us develop students who are critical thinkers, communicators, and collaborators. We hope this type of project-based learning will empower our students to make meaningful contributions to the world and be true trailblazers.”

Dr. Tracy Bonday
Head of High School, Ursuline Academy of New Orleans | Private | New Orleans, LA
Dr. Fred Laudadio

“Student growth and engagement is at an all-time high, and students are learning a wide variety of skills and techniques that are unique to the STEM program. They’re also collaborating daily and solving problems in a variety of ways to accomplish their goals.”

Dr. Fred Laudadio
Executive Director of Learning and Technology, McHenry School District 15 | Public | McHenry, IL
Clint Allison

“The Elementary SmartLab HQs have been game-changers by allowing our district to fully integrate and align STEAM programming for our K–12 students. The unique methods of engaging students in meaningful, inquiry-based learning experiences are quickly helping our learners develop a stronger STEAM identity, and they now see themselves and their futures differently. They believe they can change the future!”

Clint Allison
Executive Director of Student Achievement, Fountain-Ft. Carson School District 8 | Public | Fountain, CO

Ready to start planning your own SmartLab?

We’re excited to hear from you. Let’s change the way your learners engage with math and science–in and outside the classroom.