Step 3

Install the Solution


Environmental Transformation

First Assembly Christian School

What to expect before and during installation.

Before we begin, we’ll provide you with a timeline, daily milestones, and an explanation of the process so you know what to expect.

Once your room is ready, we’ll begin the installation process. This usually lasts 2–4 days, depending on your learning solution. Our trained installers come to your school and install the furniture, set up computers and media systems, and unpack all of the learning kits leaving an organized, ready-to-use space for your students.

If implementing a mobile solution, we’ll deliver the items so they’re ready to use from the first day.



Personnel and Timeline

Dedicated Account Manager

Project Manager

Technology Systems Engineer

Professional Development Manager

Customer Success Manager

Professional Installation Team

Professional Trainer

Support Team

Instructional Coach

6-8 Weeks
Project Kick-off
3-4 Weeks
Technology Configuration
2-3 Weeks
Pre-Training Professional Development Webinar
1 Weeks
Customer Readiness
Install Week
Delivery and Installation
1-2 Week
Onsite Training
Training Success
Customer Success and Support

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