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Learning Objectives

Oklahoma Champions Future-Facing Education

The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) is firmly committed to advancing STEM education in K–12 schools to prepare students for future opportunities in the science, math, engineering, computer science, and technology fields. Their strategic focus ensures that Oklahoma students are well-prepared to meet the demands of a technologically driven economy and remain competitive in a global job market.

So how can your school meet OSDE objectives while providing exciting, hands-on STEM learning engagements that students will love? Sounds like a job for SmartLab!


Build Academic and Interpersonal Skills

Our supplemental curriculum focuses on bringing core STEM/STEAM subjects to life—but we also weave in plenty of opportunities for learners to practice collaboration, communication, teamwork, and many other 21st-century skills they will use throughout their lives. 

While SmartLab can certainly help your school meet STEM learning objectives, our engagements also support your students on their journey to becoming responsible, respectful, well-rounded citizens.

  • The SmartLab enables students of all ages to link fundamental principles of math, science, technology, and engineering to relevant, real-life applications. | Learn More
  • SmartLabs encourage authentic student engagement, fostering a deeper connection to learning and supporting improved academic performance. | Learn More
  • Through hands-on, minds-on activities, learners build crucial life skills such as compromise, diplomacy, patience, and critical thinking. | Learn More
  • No matter how far away post-secondary life may be, SmartLab engagements introduce students to a world of new possibilities for future careers or pursuits. | Learn More
  • Differentiated learning is the key to academic equity, which is why we build personalization into every SmartLab environment. | Learn More
  • No STEM teaching experience? No problem! Every SmartLab comes with comprehensive facilitator training and technical support, so you can dedicate more time and attention to your students. | Learn More



Achieve Academic Excellence in Oklahoma

The OSDE follows the Oklahoma Academic Standards, which were developed to align with the state’s college and career readiness objectives but still reflect a number of national standards. The SmartLab curriculum is in 70% or higher alignment with the following standards: 

  • Common Core Standards of Mathematical Practice: Learners apply mathematical concepts to solve problems they can see and feel. | Learn More
  • Next Generation Science Standards: Hands-on learning engagements bring core science concepts to three-dimensional life. | Learn More
  • International Society for Technology in Education Standards: Empowered with access to innovative tools—and the agency to explore their applications—students grow into their roles as digital citizens. | Learn More

SmartLab Learning in Oklahoma

These Oklahoma schools and districts have already implemented SmartLabs.

Discover Your Funding Options

The Creative Learning Systems team has helped public, private, rural, urban, large, and small schools secure funding. Your regional sales manager can:

  • Clarify the alignment between SmartLab objectives and allowable use of Title I, II, and IV funds
  • Help you navigate the ESSER, ESSA, and EANS allocation process
  • Help you identify a wide variety of technology-friendly grant programs that best match your school or district’s needs and resources 
  • Conduct a free, personalized Research Report
  • Provide you with free grant proposal editing services

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Maximize ESSER Funding to Engage Students

Learn what to prioritize when applying for ESSER funding.

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Happy clients talk about SmartLab

Hear from our happy clients.

Abigail Welch

“Our students have made amazing progress in their problem-solving skills, have learned how to set effective personal goals, and are constantly testing the bounds of what is possible by collaborating on exciting ideas.”

Abigail Welch
SmartLab Facilitator, Lincoln Christian School | Private | Tulsa, OK
Rose Pixley

“SmartLab Learning has been instrumental in helping us grow equitable and sustainable STEM programming for all our learners, K–12. They continue to partner with us as we expand and increase opportunities for student learning, teacher support, and program improvements.”

Rose Pixley
Director of Teaching and Learning, Jenks Public Schools | Jenks, OK
Karen Vich

“I think the most exciting thing that I’ve discovered about working with my students in the SmartLab is that it can help them to grow a love for school, for learning. There are students at our school who are just burnt out with worksheets and paperwork, and the opportunity to have something new and different—and to have the freedom to explore—has been phenomenal for them. I’ve really enjoyed watching their growth.”

Karen Vich
Facilitator, Locust Grove High School | Locust Grove, GA
Courtney Norton

“I have discovered that students in the SmartLab are way more open to things than they think that they are. Learning in the classroom is sometimes boring and it’s a lot of teacher talking and student listening. But they find that when they’re in the SmartLab that they enjoy it more. They’re excited to get there. They want to do the projects. They like being able to work and talk with their neighbor versus in classrooms where they don’t normally get to.”

Courtney Norton
Facilitator, Dunbar Intermediate School | Okmulgee, OK

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