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Meet Educational
Goals in Indiana

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) outlines specific priorities for STEM education, among them integrating STEM subjects into the wider K–12 curriculum, as well as increasing access to STEM courses, programs, and resources for K–12 students, particularly targeting traditionally underrepresented populations. 

These goals support STEM/STEAM learning initiatives by promoting hands-on experiences, interdisciplinary approaches, and the integration of technology into the curriculum. 

By emphasizing academic excellence and innovation, the IDOE aims to prepare students for success in STEM and STEAM fields, equipping them with the skills necessary to thrive in the modern workforce and contribute to technological advancements. SmartLab Learning Programs share these goals.


Support All Learners with Project-Based Engagements

One of Indiana’s general educational priorities is to cultivate innovative learning environments that foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration among students. SmartLab Learning Environments help to fulfill this objective by providing PBL + STEM learning engagements that contextualize core STEM concepts while supporting the development of critical life skills. Here’s how:

  • Enhancing STEM Foundation: By reflecting on their own progress, students link their project-based engagements to fundamental and grade-aligned concepts in mathematics, science, and computer science.
  • Empowering Post-School Readiness: In a SmartLab, learners develop advanced skills such as setting goals, creative problem-solving, time management, and articulating their learning.
  • Fostering Genuine Engagement: SmartLab STEM education is tailored to individual preferences through student-driven choices, diverse activities, introspection, and the freedom to pursue projects aligned with personal interests and prior knowledge.
  • Boosting Career and Technical Education: By engaging with a practical blend of PBL and STEM content, students address real-world challenges and identify potential career paths, all while honing their adaptability, independence, and communication skills.
  • Incorporating Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Principles: SmartLab Learning Environments provide inclusive spaces for learners of varying abilities and emotional needs to collaborate and innovate together.



Achieve Academic Excellence in Indiana

The Indiana DOE has developed its own standards for STEM education, which are based on the Common Core. SmartLab Learning Programs are in 70% or higher alignment with the following standards:

  • Common Core Standards of Mathematical Practice: Learners apply mathematical concepts to solve problems they can see and feel. | Learn More
  • Next Generation Science Standards: Hands-on learning engagements bring core science concepts to three-dimensional life. | Learn More
  • International Society for Technology in Education Standards: Empowered with access to innovative tools—and the agency to explore their applications—students grow into their roles as digital citizens. | Learn More

SmartLab Learning in Indiana

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  • Help you identify a wide variety of technology-friendly grant programs that best match your school or district’s needs and resources 
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Dr. Fred Laudadio

“Student growth and engagement is at an all-time high, and students are learning a wide variety of skills and techniques that are unique to the STEM program. They’re also collaborating daily and solving problems in a variety of ways to accomplish their goals.”

Dr. Fred Laudadio
Executive Director of Learning and Technology, McHenry School District 15 | Public | McHenry, IL
Marlana Mielke

“Our gifted students use the SmartLab HQ with their homeroom class as well as during their pullout gifted class. Their critical- and creative-thinking skills are challenged daily. The result? We’ve seen an increase in standardized testing scores and, overall, student behavior has improved.”

Marlana Mielke
SmartLab Facilitator and Gifted Intervention Specialist, Danbury Local Schools | Public | Danbury, OH
Dana Giblin

“Students prefer the SmartLab HQ over other classes. The lab is so multisensory, hands-on, and experiential that students sometimes don’t even know they’re learning. They are building things and don’t realize they’re incorporating math or problem-solving skills.”

Dana Giblin
Supervisor and Program Director, RKS Associates Schools for Special Needs | Private | Jackson Township, NJ

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