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Webinar: Impacting Student Achievement With Project-Based Learning + STEM

Written by SmartLab Learning

Recently, SmartLabs joined several guests from across the country in presenting the webinar, “Impacting Student Achievement With Project-Based Learning + STEM.” 

During this impactful hour, the panel discussed:

  • Strategies to develop and implement in the classroom
  • Nuts and bolts for how to start or progress in your PBL journey
  • How to implement individual and whole-school PBL programs
  • The gains they’ve seen since implementing PBL
  • Gateways and entry points to authentic PBL experiences

From a private school in Fayetteville to a rural school in Colorado, panelists shared real-world examples of how project-based learning is implemented in their schools, and the impact that it has had on student achievements. 

SmartLab Learning implements equitable PBL with a STEAM focus that helps schools:  

  • Bridge the learning loss gap
  • Teach 21st Century skills 
  • Implement social/emotional learning
  • Provide equitable learning opportunities

Sharing perspectives on using PBL in a range of buildings including private, public, rural, low income, and K-12 gave webinar viewers an opportunity to learn how SmartLabs provides a standards-aligned curriculum that meets the needs of kids regardless of school setting.

Transforming traditional classrooms to an interactive environment has shown a substantial ability to change not only how, but what students learn. From science labs to arts and all areas of STEAM learning, SmartLabs has helped students grow, and schools succeed.

Panelists noted that student engagement soared as kids discovered areas of interest in real-world projects, making them more likely to commit to a project — something that made grading on an individual basis easier for teachers and kids alike. 

Watch on-demand this exciting event to discover how implementing standards-aligned PBL using SmartLabs in your school can improve student achievement.

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