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The SmartLab Learning Approach

SmartLab Learning engages learners like no other place in school.

To us, student achievement begins with engagement. We surround learners with leading-edge technologies, support them with great learning resources, and empower them to shape their own learning.

As a result, learners are intrinsically motivated as they explore questions connected to their own interests and abilities. In a SmartLab HQ, the teacher is a Facilitator and students take responsibility for their learning.

The benefits of student engagement are supported by research. A survey of SmartLab HQ students reported being far less bored and are far more likely to feel interested, challenged and excited than in school overall.

Student Engagement

Student engagement is the level of enthusiasm and interest students have in what they are learning. Students may be engaged on intellectual, emotional, physical, and social levels.

Many research studies have revealed connections between non-cognitive factors (such as motivation, curiosity, and responsibility), improved academic performance, and higher-order thinking. Engaged students perform better in school. Engagement also increases the likelihood of:

  • Higher involvement with school activities
  • Better attendance
  • Reduced dropouts
  • Less class disruption

Engagement is widely accepted as a core academic goal. To achieve this goal it must be a key program element in educational design.

“The majority of the students who enter a SmartLab leave every day because they have to, not because they want to.”

Bill Gilmore, District STEM Coordinator & Facilitator, Englewood Schools

“Discipline is not a problem in a place where students are so engaged.”

—Courtney Miller, SmartLab Facilitator, Slavens K8 School

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