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STEM Class and Music Class Unite in This STREAM Project

Written by SmartLab Learning

Saint Joseph’s Episcopal School is one of our partners schools in Florida.

Their creative team integrated their fifth-grade STEM class with their music class to create this fun video.

With SmartLab Learning, these students learned circuity, coding, and engineering as they applied what they learned to make their own working instruments.

This is one example of the endless possibilities of fun and learning that takes place when learning is integrated with other traditional classes.

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Case Study

Going beyond STEM to teach essential skills

When the team at Jewell Houston Academy, a magnet school in Texas, looked for a STEM program, they wanted one that would not only engage students in STEM careers but could also teach conflict-resolution, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills.

Read about how the SmartLab HQ impacted both learners and enrollment.

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