SmartLab Rover: Robotics

This mobile learning center incorporates math, engineering, and logic in an exploration of robotics—plus invaluable opportunities for trial-and-error.

program overview

What can a mobile Robotics program bring to your school?

Designed for educators to take from room to room, the Robotics Rover provides students in multiple classes with in-depth experiences in making, programming, and testing robots. Through hands-on engagements, students gain an understanding of logic, algorithms, sequencing, and debugging.

Technology and Equipment

We carefully curate leading-edge, age-appropriate, student-friendly learning experiences that engage every learner. Our team gets you everything you need: from equipment, to learning kits, to software and hardware. We provide ongoing support to keep your SmartLab Rover up and running for years to come.

Dynamic Design

In following the trend toward modular classroom design, the SmartLab Rover allows educators to be flexible—both when it comes to physical space and addressing student needs. 

Learning Outcomes

After spending time with our Robotics program, young students learn block programming, while older learners branch out into different programming languages. Finally, middle schoolers use math principles to build increasingly complex robots that can make decisions on their own or exhibit different personalities.


Curriculum & SmartLab Learning Hub

Standards-aligned supplemental curriculum designed to mitigate learning loss.

The SmartLab Learning Hub—our online platform—comes stocked with our standards-aligned, project-based curriculum. Students can develop project objectives and document their learning and growth via their portfolios, daily journals, and project presentations. Built with easy access in mind, educators can curate projects that support their students’ learning objectives.

Dr. Velma Villegas

“Of all the investments we make in educational technology, this has been the most effective in actually putting technology in the hands of our students.” 

Dr. Velma Villegas, Superintendent, Southwest Independent School District | Public | San Antonio, TX

Program Features

What can you find in a SmartLab Rover: Robotics?

These ready-to-go Rovers come fully stocked with robust learning kits and supplementary curriculum to support your learners. Students get an introduction to core engineering principles and learn how to see a challenging project through to its completion. Plus, with robust professional development and standards-aligned curriculum, learning can begin on day one.

K–2 Rover

Your youngest learners engage in hands-on activities with four different types of developmentally appropriate robots and durable learning kits. Learners solve problems as they do block programming and debugging.

3–5 Rover

Learners make strong math connections as they experiment with customizing mobile and stationary robots. They’ll also learn different programming languages.

6–8 Rover

Your more independent learners use math principles and gain a deeper knowledge of programming. They construct structural and motion components while making cross-curricular connections.

What does SmartLab learning look like?

White Paper

How to design spaces for 21st-century learners

Physical classroom spaces designed with an eye toward the future can make a meaningful difference in students’ learning experience. Key attention should be given to: 

  • Layout and furniture
  • Materials and organization
  • Technology

why smartlab learning?

Our goal is to prepare students to create future solutions.

By providing students with access to leading-edge technologies and age-appropriate professional tools, we ensure that today’s students will become stewards of tomorrow. 



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Hear From Our Happy Clients

Dr. Velma Villegas

“Of all the investments we make in educational technology, the SmartLab has been the most effective in actually putting technology in the hands of our students.” 

Dr. Velma Villegas
Superintendent, Southwest Independent School District | Public | San Antonio, TX
Michael Hancock

“One of the most powerful words is equity. Not everyone starts in the same place, but the SmartLab HQ gives all of our students a level playing field and a fair shot at opportunity.”

Michael Hancock
Mayor of Denver, Speaking about Montebello High School | Denver, CO
Brian Ewert

“A SmartLab HQ has no boundaries; a place with no boundaries means kids can exceed at anything.” 

Brian Ewert
Superintendent, Littlleton Public Schools | Littleton, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about a SmartLab Rover?

Our representatives can provide you with additional details.

How much does a SmartLab Rover cost?

Each SmartLab solution is customized based on the number of students you plan to engage, the space you have, and which types of engagements work best for you and your students. Our representatives can help you find the best solution.

Do you provide support?

You have access to our academic and technical support team during your first year. Each subsequent year, you can opt in for additional technical support, curriculum support, and professional development.

Ready to start planning your own SmartLab?

We’re excited to hear from you. Let’s change the way your students engage with math and science–in and outside the classroom.