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Helping Learners Find Career Pathways

Written by SmartLab Learning

Fayetteville Academy’s SmartLab Facilitator, Cath Rathbone, has a gift for connecting with students—even after they’ve graduated. Thanks to this student’s time in the SmartLab, his future looks bright!

I love hearing from former students. One, in particular, was a student who came to Fayetteville Academy in his junior year. He was quiet and seemed uncomfortable for the first few months. But after spending time in the SmartLab, he flourished. Everything about him changed, and everyone—especially the guidance counselors—noticed. Fast forward three years, and I just learned that he’d changed his major to geospatial engineering. His message read, ‘I’m going to design vehicles that run on the moon and it was all because of you and my time in the SmartLab!’

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