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In-Person, Blended, or Remote Learning: We’re Here to Support You.

As the school year continues with remote and blended learning systems, we know that student engagement remains a high priority. 

To help you provide students with good learning—regardless of where that occurs—we’ve developed a suite of options to support school’s learning goalsThese academic, sanitization, and social distancing solutions will keep your staff, students, and families safe while keeping students engaged in project-based learning.

Learning Model
In Person
  • Sanitization Options (technology and kit sterilization, dispensing stations)
  • Social Distancing Dividers (mounted and rolling)
  • SmartPads @Home Collection
  • Cellular-Enabled Devices

(Link to catalog)

Learning Model
Learning Model

Safety Is Our Priority

No doubt, keeping your staff, students, and families safe is your biggest concern. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 61% of parents are likely to change schools if the desired safety measures aren’t met. From sanitizing technology and your spaces, to providing you with mounted or rolling dividers for social distancing measures, we can help you keep your space safe (see page 4 of our catalog).

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