Why smartlab learning?

Support teaching interventions.

Effectively supporting both students and educators helps to accelerate learning.

accelerating learning

Our personalized, project-based learning approach helps students make cross-curricular connections.

The majority of today’s educators have experienced remote learning, and therefore most are no strangers to learning loss. Using SmartLab Learning’s suite of standards-aligned supplemental curriculum, educators can collaborate, identify gaps in learning, then engage students in specific experiences that allow them to apply core math and science concepts to real-world projects.


who it helps

What makes SmartLab Learning better?

When engaging with our hands-on experiences, students are able apply core math and science concepts to complex, real-world situations. SmartLab Learning is tailored to meet the needs of: 

Students who feel under-engaged.

Students who have experienced disruptions to their school year.

Educators struggling to reach disinterested students.

Administrators seeking to improve overall school performance.

How it works

Teachers and facilitators can search our database to identify projects that support their students’ achievement.

We support personalized learning plans as teachers and facilitators can easily search our database of standards-aligned curriculum to identify projects that support their students’ achievement. Learners then have voice and choice to determine which open-ended engagement they want to pursue. By following their passion, students accelerate their learning, achieving more than even they thought was possible. 

Dennis Gable

“Students who typically struggle suddenly become engaged. Mid-level students start pursuing more challenging work. And our high achievers? They soar!”

Dennis Gable, Educator, Elkhart Central High School | Public | Elkhart, IN

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