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July 13–15, 2021

Join us July 13–15, 2021 for this year’s Annual SmartLab Conference. This year’s virtual conference, Reignite 2021, will aim to motivate, connect, and ignite new ideas that will help you prepare for your return to school in the fall.

Designed exclusively for the SmartLab community, participants who attend this conference will learn how to leverage their SmartLab as a valuable resource for their entire learning community. Facilitators, administrators, and support staff are invited to engage in learning and collaboration with experts in and outside of the SmartLab community.

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Conference Sessions

Day One (July 13)
Designed for new SmartLab Facilitators, this important “pre-conference” day will serve as a necessary foundation for new Facilitators attending the rest of the conference.

Are you a returning Facilitator? Don’t worry—there’s something for you, too.
Enroll in the SmartLab Refresher course to blow the dust off your SmartLab program and prepare it for returning students. This online, asynchronous course will review the essential elements of any SmartLab program, remind you of powerful facilitation strategies, and help you ready your SmartLab HQ or Studio for the return of in-person learners.

Day Two (July 14)
Through a combination of live and pre-recorded sessions presented by content experts and the Academic Services Department, you will learn how to make a greater impact with your SmartLab program.

Check out the session topics below to learn more about the sessions coming to you during this year’s virtual conference.

Day Three (July 15)
We’re bringing hands-on learning to you through engaging workshops led by a selection of our vendors. Learn how to use their tools to better support student-led, project-based learning in your SmartLab program.

Topics Include

  • Approach to SmartLab Learning and Constructivism
  • Facilitation Strategies and the Role of the Facilitator
  • Portfolios and Assessment for First Year Facilitators
  • How to Navigate the LaunchPad, Facilitator Resources, and Project Cycle
  • Increasing Student Ownership in Project-based Learning
  • Building Computational Thinking with Elementary & Secondary Students
  • Routines That Foster Inquiry
  • Supports for the Unique Needs of All Learners

Full Conference Schedule with Session Descriptions Coming Soon!

SmartLab Annual Conference
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