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SmartLab Learning programs engage students in project-based learning with a STEM focus

SmartLab HQ is a fully integrated learning environment where everything—from the furniture and technology, to curriculum and assessment—works together to support hands-on, minds-on learning. It’s a place where personalized learning and intrinsic motivation engage students of all ages, interests, and abilities.

SmartLab HQ is fully articulated and has solutions for elementary, middle, and high schools.

SmartLab Studios allow students to grow their communication skills as they explore broadcasting and videography capabilities. These hands-on learning spaces encourages students to work on projects that motivate them to inquire, explain, tackle new problems, and celebrate their solutions.

SmartLab On-the-Go takes our student-directed learning outside of the SmartLab HQ and engages students in remote or hybrid learning. These learning experiences continue to engage learners in collaborative work while ensuring they’re socially distanced.

With SmartLab Learning, students explore. They problem-solve. They collaborate and create. And they learn.

With all of our learning solutions, learners apply a wide-range of technologies to projects that matter to them personally and academically. Authentic assessment and meaningful reflection happen every day as students create Portfolios to document and present their learning.

It’s what happens when we put educational technology where it belongs … in the hands of students.

Students In A SmartLab

How Can a SmartLab Learning Program Help Your School?

Imagine a solution that engages all of your students project-based learning with a STEM focus. Imagine a system where students problem-solve, collaborate, communicate, and build other skills necessary for college and career success. Imagine a solution where learning is personalized and students are intrinsically motivated to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

SmartLab Learning can help you fulfill that academic mission.

Engaging STEM for ALL Learners

We live in a world where science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) play a critical role in every job, every home, and every aspect of advanced learning. The integration of STEM disciplines is critical for all students, not just those who are naturally proficient in math and science.

Successful STEM programs engage a broad range of student interests and abilities. Learning must be truly personalized; it must be individualized, differentiated and relevant to the interests and experiences of each student.

The Challenge Doesn’t End There

Success in the modern workplace also requires that students master next-generation skills including:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Information literacy
  • Adaptability

Balancing traditional academics with the need to develop these skills is one of the most important challenges facing educators today.

SmartLab Learning Programs Engage Learners Like Nowhere Else

Walk into a SmartLab HQ and you’ll see students buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. It’s a learning community where the teacher is a Facilitator and students take responsibility for their learning. Autonomy is encouraged. Collaboration is the norm. Challenges are celebrated as a path to mastery. It’s everything learning should be.

SmartLab Learning programs engage learners as they apply technology to projects of their own design. As they work on their projects, they build academic connections and develop next-generation skills. Whether students are exploring robotics, coding, websites, video broadcasts, circuitry, or structures, they’re developing critical-thinking skills. They’re solving problems. They’re collaborating. They’re learning valuable project and time management skills. And they’re reflecting, communicating, and presenting not only their projects … but their learning. They’re building skills, knowledge, and interest critical for college and career success.

Every SmartLab Learning solution is a unique combination of curriculum and assessment, hardware and software, furniture, equipment, construction kits, professional development, and ongoing support. It’s a fully integrated, complete solution, so schools and districts can focus on their students rather than designing and procuring content, equipment and supplies.

“Creative Learning Systems helped catapult our program from basic video production to a professional broadcast studio.”

—Chip Rutledge, SmartLab Facilitator, Churchill County High School

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