Best Practices for Aligning Technology with Curriculum

If technology is assessed, chosen, aligned, and implemented to benefit the learning environment, it has the power to enhance student learning in amazing ways.

In fact, technology can encourage collaboration, drive innovation, and potentially aid in closing the achievement gap by making learning more accessible to students of all abilities. However, with so many technology options, how do we choose technology that is appropriate, affordable, and accessible? How do we make intentional choices to align technology and tools with our curriculum so that they have a meaningful impact on learning? Finally, how do we prove that our technology choices have impacted students positively? 

What we’ll cover in this eBook:

  • How Do You Choose Appropriate Technology?
  • How Do You Align Technology with Curriculum?
  • How Do You Measure Effectiveness of a Technology?

Download our eBook to learn how to choose technology for your classroom and enhance student learning in amazing ways.

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