Step 1

Meet Your Partner

We understand that installing a comprehensive solution—especially if it’s an entire space like our SmartLab HQ—can feel daunting. Fortunately, that’s our forté.

Our goal is to learn about you, your school’s needs, and your educational objectives.

As you meet with your rep, we’ll tease out your key goals and work with you to select the best solution for your needs. Needs and objectives may include:

  • Support math and science objectives
  • Accelerate learning
  • Implement a STEAM program
  • Increase learner engagement
  • Improve next-gen skills
  • Increase enrollment
  • Differentiate your school from others
  • Prepare learners for post-secondary success

the first steps

Identify the Right Solution

Are you looking to transform your entire classroom space into a hands-on STEAM lab? Or will a mobile learning center better suit your school’s needs? Each research-based, comprehensive SmartLab Learning solution contains four key elements:

SmartLab Learning Process

Our SmartLab Learning Process helps students make decisions and solve complex problems so they’re prepared for post-secondary success.

Custom-designed Environments

A custom-designed environment and a robust suite of learning experiences filled with engaging hands-on, mind-on experiences that support complex math and science concepts.

Standards-aligned Curriculum

Our standards-aligned supplemental curriculum helps your learners achieve their math and science objectives.

Long-term Professional Development

Long-term, research-based professional development to ensure the success of your program for years to come.

“Can I do this by myself?”

We’ve heard this question before—but once educators understand all that goes into a SmartLab Learning solution, they prefer to rely on our experience.

Ready to start planning your SmartLab?

We’re excited to hear from you. Let’s change the way your students engage with math and science–in and outside the classroom.