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We’ve pioneered the conversion of traditional learning environments to project-based learning experiences since 1987.

Today, we partner with the most innovative school leaders nationwide to provide personalized, project-based learning experiences and environments that increase a student’s capacity through engaged, active, and social problem-solving.

We exist to ensure that today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders, prepared and ready to solve the complex challenges in our ever-changing world. 

“I’m more excited about this program than anything I’ve done in curriculum in my 22 years in education. This was the greatest intuitive leap the school district could make—and a wise investment.”

—Dr. Mary Leiker, Superintendent, Kentwood Public Schools

About Creative Learning Systems

Our Philosophy

SmartLab Learning is a learning system that ignites your students’ potential. We do this by providing personalized, project-based learning that is supported by rich, cross-curricular STEM-focused curriculum, and engaging technology.

  • Our team of educators integrates technology and personalized, project-based learning into any school’s education system and improves learner outcomes and educator satisfaction.
  • With this fully articulated K–12 learning system, we integrate curriculum, educator development, a fully stocked learning environment, and technology into a personalized, project-based learning experience for all students—regardless of interest or ability.
  • This system, including our 5-step, project-based framework, makes learning—specifically in STEM pathways—relevant, accessible, and inclusive for all learners.

By providing students with age-appropriate professional tools, we are preparing students for their future.

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