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The SmartLab Learning Approach

When it comes to engaging students with technology, our strategy is simple: put technology in students’ hands. With SmartLab Learning’s suite of programs, students use and apply a wide range of tools every day as they complete their projects and document their learning.

Applied Technology In The Classroom

Our team of educators carefully curate engaging and student friendly technologies that provide age-appropriate tools that progress to professional-quality tools in high school programs. With SmartLab Learning, students use tools they may not have at home and can rarely access elsewhere in school.

Our goal is to ensure that students have access to leading-edge tools that are integrated in their everyday workflow. We ensure that the underlying concepts they learn are transferrable to new technologies.

“Of all the investments we make in educational technology, the SmartLab has been the most effective in actually putting technology in the hands of our students.”

—Dr. Velma Villegas, Superintendent of Southwest Independent School District, Superintendent of the year, Texas Computer Education Association

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