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SmartLab On-the-Go is a complete learning program for blended or remote learning. It combines curriculum, assessment, and project-based learning kits—all in an easy-to-grab backpack! 

With up to 18 different STEM-focused learning engagements, students will spend up to 18 weeks diving into self-directed activities regardless of whether they’re engaged in remote learning, using a blended learning model, or in a traditional classroom. 

SmartLab On-the-Go bundles are available for Primary (K–2), Elementary (3–5), Middle (6–8), and blended (K–8) school levels and can be purchased with optional sanitization and social distancing resources.


Project-Based Learning for Increased Engagement 

Student-led, project-based learning activities for personalized learning—any time, anywhere


Easy to Sanitize for Each Learner 

Choose from a suite of sanitization options to keep kits clean as they rotate from student to student


Scaffolded Curriculum for Success

Age-appropriate curriculum written by educators so every child can
progress—regardless of interest or ability


Essential Life Skills

Student-directed learning reinforces critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, and perseverance


STEM Education Kits

Curriculum, assessment, project-based learning framework, and 12 or 18 different kits—ready for students to use immediately

Professional Development

High-Quality Professional Development 

Personalized training and consultation to help educators transition to blended and remote learning models


Access to Online Curriculum

Online curriculum allows for more personalized and individualized learning experiences for your students while sustaining the kits for use in the future


Low-Tech Solutions for Equity Access

Kits come with books, laminated activity, cards, and markers so learners can engage in project-based learning—even if they don’t have access to connected devices

What’s in SmartLab On-the-Go?

This robust learning program is perfect for remote, blended, or in-person learning models. Each bundle contains: 

  • 12 or 18 pairs—for a total of 24 or 36—of preassembled project-based kits so students can collaborate with learners using the same kit
  • 12 or 18 different STEM-focused engagements—giving you enough content for a semester of remote learning or a year if you’re using a blended model 
  • Access to our online curriculum that offers a more personalized learning experience
  • 1 Facilitator Resource Collection to restock kit supplies so they’re ready for the next child to use 
  • Educator-developed, scaffolded curriculum so every child can succeed—regardless of ability, interest, or access to technology 
  • On-topic books to extend the learning and offer ELA supports
  • Open-ended engagements for 57 hours of student engagement per kit 
  • Suite of professional development courses to help your team transition to a blended or remote learning model

How SmartLab On-the-Go Works

This robust learning program is perfect for remote, blended, or in-person learning models. And, because kits can be sanitized and restocked, you can use them for an entire semester—and beyond!

Receive Shipment

STEP 1: School Receives Bundle

Receive preassembled, ready-to-use backpacks with 12 or 18 different project-based engagements in bundles of 24 or 36 kits. 

Receive Shipment

STEP 2: Student “Checks Out” a Backpack

Each student “checks out” a backpack to use for the week. The open-ended engagements provide 5–7 hours of learning per backpack. Engagements rotate through our eight systems of technology.

Receive Shipment

STEP 3: Child Engages in Project-Based Learning

Each bundle contains two of each kit so students can engage in open-ended activities while collaborating with another student using an identical kit.

Receive Shipment

STEP 4: Student Returns Backpack and Gets a New One

At the end of the week, learners return the kits and receive new ones that have been sanitized and restocked with materials. 

“Oh, we can do that ourselves.”

We hear that a lot.

Until someone sits down and tries to develop dynamic, project-based curriculum, source a suite of long-lasting technology and complementary cross-curricular books, and then assemble and deliver it so it’s ready to use on the first day of school.

And that’s just for one kit!

With the unknowns of this school year, we want you to be able to focus on your students. So with the SmartLab On-the-Go program, we’ve done the work for you.

With our 5-step framework, students build knowledge as they follow their curiosity.

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